Hey hey hey

June 6, 2014

Hey chicks!  Ug, I miss all of y'all so much!!! I really, really, really, really do.  I know things are never clear when it comes to me (sorry), but things are staying the way they are, unfortunately...  Just wanted to pop in and say hey.  Actually, I came to mention that I started a facebook page just for photography (nope! not personal!) IF y'all care to check it out.  I'd appreciate any support from you :)

Hey.  I love y'all.
Sleep tight!

p.s. don't let the bed bugs bite


  1. Yay! I miss seeing your photos and reading your lovely words. At least now I can see more of your photos on Facebook. :)

  2. not sure if it's just me...but I can't find the link! :) i'd love to check it out :)

    1. Hey... you are right. I'm a birdbrain and left talking about MY BRAND NEW PAGE and forgot to put the link up. So sorry! I must have been kicked in the head by a mule in the infant months. Thanks for your interest, Rosi!