A journal piece v.2

October 4, 2013

My friend and I were musing the other day about this year's fall.  For once, it came on its birthday (not a month afterwards) and with all the wind, rain, and gray skies it is known for.  It is gray right now- the sky is all murky and cloudy.  Mama says it looks like rain and I really hope it can hold off until my pillowcases are off the line- today is Friday and I clean on Friday.  I bought a bouquet of weeds from the cutest little girl today.  The red flowers sit with the other half dozen plants on the window sill over our bed.  The spider plants I mentioned a few weeks ago?  I hung them in the crepe mertle tree.  See, it's shady in there, but they can still get rained on.  The heads of the mother plants stick out, and the babies (I think) have finally begun to poke out of the roots, as is the way with spider plants.  Last night Morgan and I hung up a bulletin board and started decorating it this morning with pictures we've cut out from magazines, trying to make it as artsy as this one does.  It is starting to look good.  I lit a candle today and the room smells like cinnamon.

It smells like fall.


  1. Your pictures are very pretty! Love the second one.

  2. Mmmm, just the simplicity of this is absolutely refreshing, Gabby dear. So, so lovely. Fall is a funny season; how it always brings change, but to everyone change comes differently. :) This is charming; cinnamon candles and puddles of rain are my favorites.

    love ya!
    Mikailah <3

  3. This makes me smile like you don't even know. Your photos are a breath of fresh air (and nostalgia) and your words are close and warm. Also, you make me yearn for fall (because I'm in Australia, I'm experiencing spring, not fall).

    1. Also, the fact that you and Morgan are inspired by me makes my day. No joke. :)

      Hugs, dreaming of fall (and rooms that smell like cinnamon),

      Acacia xxx

  4. *sniffle*
    Where ya been Gabby? I've been missing your posts! =(

    While I'm here again tho, I'll tell you that I love your Puddle Pictures. I had a post about rain planned- but never did get it up. ;)
    Secondly, that window light is Splendid for showing off the translucent green of the leaves...and the greens behind echo it.


    xx `Jenny

  5. Hi Gabby dear.

    Just wanted to tell you that I miss you.

    (A lot.)