I'll think about Europe

September 6, 2013

Part one: travel (black and white)

Part two: a pretty view

part three: people

part four: happy things
I love Louisiana.  In between the handful of big cities there are towns.  In between the little towns there are farms.  And roads- gravel, dirt, asphalt- wind around them all.  The Delta (northeast Louisiana) is flat like the prairie.  This is where I was born and this is my second time to live here.  Last year I was living on the prairie.  Then we moved back home to Louisiana and I cannot believe it has been a year already.  I have spent more time living on the prairies of Texas than I have here... so maybe that's why I feel at home and love the flatlands.

There was a book series I loved when I was little.  The first in the series was called Betsy and Tacy- it was about two little girls and their adventures.  Then the rest of the series follows their lives up until they are in their early twenties.  The book before the last is Betsy and the Great World.  I was talking to a dear the other day and found myself telling about the book: Betsy goes off and lives abroad for a couple years, traveling to Germany, England, France, etcetera.  I read the book last week and since then, I keep thinking about traveling to Europe.

Last weekend we went to the capital- Baton Rogue.  It was fun and it was Louisiana.  And I think home and the places of home are always going to be the dearest- even if they aren't Europe.

But I'll still think about Europe ;)


  1. gaaah! this is so lovely, doll. home is wherever the heart is, I know, a cliche - but you're right, my mind will always wander to europe. ;) love you lots. it's been grand chatting with you more often lately. xx

  2. Oh so pretty I love the black and white shots

  3. Gosh girl...you do SUCH a good job with your compositions! I've been up at great heights before and there's just SO much out there...that I don't know where to point my camera!
    I've got a good example now though... ;)
    Oh, I like those happy things too, especially the birds and the green river and the tall open sky. ^-^

    Love it xxxx ~Jenny

  4. Beautiful pictures! Girl, these capture amazing amounts of telling and portraying then one would think.(((btw, the on of Morgen with her head bent on her knees?! darling.)))

    Miss ya like everything! Write me soon ---I have know idea whose turn it was to write?? can if you want me to.


    1. Yes! Morgan got teased by the boys and looked (undeniably) cute with her head on her knees.
      And yeah, we need to get back to writing. I'll let you go first (I don't know if you want to email/letter write) :D
      Love you too!

    2. Awww...Well I can sympathize! Same stories. :D Okay, I'll go first... We can do both if you want.
      Love you!