Gone for good (this is the end)

September 11, 2013

I have four pictures that will say the four things that need to be said.

one- my baby brother lost his first tooth.

two-  my baby brother has read up and down the wall (literally- each chain represents a book he has read from floor to ceiling)

three- this is the end of something big- a little boy.

four- it's nine-eleven.

Good night, everyone.


  1. the simplicity of this is charming. even in blogging, simplicity is becoming more and more appealing. :) lovely pictures, lovely notes about life, simply beautiful, Gabby girl.

    love you bunches.

  2. i echo what mikailah said; so true. :)

    by the way, we have that reading book pictured in this post...! I could only help but smile when I saw it because using that book was the way I (and 5 other siblings) have learnt/are learning how to read. :)

    love you,


  3. It's just charming!
    And it's why I enjoy your blog so much. =)

    In answer to your question though, I have heard of gimp and I'm actually either going to download it- or buy lightroom. First I need to check my piggy bank though, and do some research...ask people who already have lighroom, how they like it...etc. it'd be a big upgrade, a real jump from what I'm using now! =D

    Xx -Jenny