September 28, 2013

It's amazing how fast a group of five can rush outside, turn into wild, squealing, excited things, and board a cattle trailer.  It's amazing how fast a trailer moves, compared to how a regular vehicle feels moving.  And the wind wipes all over everyone's faces and causes short breaths and gasping and laughing.  It also feels like the beginning of fall (which it is, but when you actually feel it, it is something else).

Blurriness isn't such a bad thing.  It's one of the most natural things in life- and somehow these pictures couldn't be right without being blurry.

Friday night, to kick off the weekend, Daddy took us cattle-trailer-driving.  I went down a road I've never been before, watched the colors drain from the sky, and well, was a redneck.



  1. LOVE!!! you're writing is just so adorable and these are absolutely lovely.
    let's chat soon, I miss my dearest turkey. ;)

  2. Ah! GAbby! I cannot tell you how much I like this!
    Even before I got to the part about "blurriness" I knew, I knew that those pictures were the key to this whole post! =D
    A+++++ yet again, deary. =)

    xx ~Jenny

    P.s. Yes! I'll definitely letcha' know if I get Lightroom! =)

  3. Oh, dear sweet wholesome farm life. Take me there. Let the wind wipe over me and grasp my hair and play with breath.

    Really. I mean it. Your photos brought me into a new world of windswept thoughts and laughter so hard your stomach hurts and your words made me feel at home, simple and cozy and original.

    love you,


  4. ooh, these are so full of life. i can almost feel the wind whipping around in my hair.
    and the blurred motion is totally what makes these so full of life and laughter. it's just perfection.
    xx. marcia