A journal piece v.1

September 14, 2013

It is a quiet morning.  I vaguely wondered why it was so silent at first, and then remembered that Caelin and Daddy butchered our two roosters recently.  You get used to hearing the crowing.  Near Easter, we had several little chicks hatch, half of which have grow up to be roosters.  They are nearly old enough to start minding the coop, tending the hens, and crow at the sun.  Nearly.  Right now it is quiet.  Outside, Mae jumps on the hay bale.  She looks so funny- her face in the hay and her rear in the air.  She's a sweet little goat.  The other day she pawed at my hand for corn (her treat).  Also the other day, I went to college with leftover corn in my pockets.  I threw it out into the grass for the birds.  On the windowsill above our bed there is a half pint milk bottle I bought from an antique store a few weeks ago.  A piece of ivy is starting to grow roots in the bottle.  I cut the piece of my base plant that Nana gave me for my sixteenth.  The last time I saw Nana she gave me five spider plants.  They aren't growing in leaps and bounds or anything.  But they stay hanging on the front porch and away from playful cat paws.  I really don't water the spider plants near enough to properly fight this summer heat.  My inside plants get more than enough water: when I have a half empty glass of water I pour it on them.  They stay flooded.

The sun has come up.  It is a pretty day.

writings from a farmer's friday morning.


  1. beautiful.

    (and I really can't say much more.)

  2. the simplicity of your writing. i think i've said it over and over again, but it's so true. it's beautiful.

  3. This is all so familiar and lovely. Friday mornings on a farm is the best feeling, actually.

    xoxo Johanna Grace

  4. this is you. and this is beautiful. and you are beautiful.
    glad we chatted last night, let's do it again. ;)

    love you so ridiculously much. xx

  5. I like this; a little peek into a farmers life. =)

    xx ~Jenny

    p.s. Does gimp allow you to make GIF's?

    1. Thank you, Jenny! You're sweet :) I've never known Gimp to be able to make gifs- but then I've never really researched it either. I hope you find something that gives you what you need!

  6. Beautiful entry, Gabby! I DO love Friday mornings. It puts a whole new meaning to "the "dawning" of a new era!"
    'member those days we went to collect eggs together in the morning?

  7. ahh, i'm finally catching up on some posts I missed last week, and I found this little jem.
    this is just so beautiful, gabby. seriously, just write a book.