The dog days - black & white

August 13, 2013

There is just something about black and white pictures that is heart-wrenching.  If it's the raw, simple, easy and hard fitted together like a puzzle, then it makes sense.  The original picture looks like it was meant to be black and white.  Before I discovered the world of editing and composed layouts (I don't know when all that started making sense) all the "bad" pictures I would black and white for the sake of hiding the flaws.  Now... well, some pictures just look serene and need the elegance of black and white.  Like they were just meant to be frank, honest, uncolored.

The heat hit a hundred and we made homemade ice cream last night.  The stars were bright and I was glad to see them after being gone over the weekend.  School starts next week and I'm in a summer's going to end way too soon and I haven't done anything pandemic.  But oh my goodness, it has been a lovely summer.

How is yours?


  1. Gabby, you really need to come visit me! Besides the fact that I'm missing you like everything, this week is supposed to be in the low 80! It has been beautiful!!! Well, that is, with a slight exception for Mr. Humidity.... :/
    Love ya! Tell everyone hello!


  2. Oh Gabby. This post really and honestly is - if I may coin your well-put word - heart-wrenching. Your photos are swarming with life and mood and I just know (really) about B&W. I especially love that last photograph. Do you know, I've just discovered that B&W is a mood within itself. It encompasses so many human emotions and feelings. Really, I think we all have black and white moments, when all the world (in our thoughts and feelings) appear in that form of emotion - b&w. It's enchanting, puzzling, and wonderful all at the same time.

    I love you.

    Acacia xx
    ps my summer has been perfect; I'm glad yours has been wonderful, too.

  3. There is something incredibly magical about b&w photos. I've fallen in love with them recently, although I haven't been brave enough to do a whole post in b&w. :) and your words are just so raw. some pictures just ask to be b&w, and sometimes the b&w is perfect. simple, raw, uncolored, and just right.

    i'm so nostalgic about summer. it seems like it just pushed it's foot in the door, now it's walking out without a backward glance. or maybe we're walking out, looking behind us all the way. it's been good. simple, quiet, complicated, but good. :) glad your summer has been lovely, Gabby dear.

    I love you bunches. <3