Summer 2013

August 17, 2013

These pictures pretty much sum up my summer.  Some of them I've never shared because they didn't seem to have a place.  But I've brought out my favorites and wow... I just can't get over all the beauty I've gotten to see.  Technically, summer ends September twenty first.  But on Monday school starts, and honestly school never goes real well with summer.  I appreciate them both so much, but like to keep them separate.  I am ready for school (in a way), not ready to see this summer go.  This morning- this might sound funny- I stepped outside and it hit me like a shock that the air was cool.  It felt perfect.  The sun was glazed over the field and green was everywhere.  It was just wonderful.  It felt like summer.  And while that sort of thing makes me wish for these days to stay longer, I get excited seeing fresh and empty notebooks, jars of pencils and pens.

I really can't believe it's nearly over, though.  So much has happened- good and bad.  We had- for a short, sweet while- a baby kitten named Alivia.  I figured out that puttering isn't such a bad thing, and that I might like it in spite of its littleness.  I also learned how to drive a standard with my pappaw, and wrote down some of his stories and my nana's.  I bought a baby goat named Mae, made a cake, went to Tennessee, did a photoshoot with my rad bros.

It's been on heck of a summer.


  1. it has been, hasn't it? your photos are always so beautiful -- you have such a unique style, it's quite incredible. i've loved seeing your work all summer; keep on sharing your talents with us! :)

  2. this evokes an overwhelming amount of nostalgia. school started today and it already feels like autumn in my soul, but the weather's not coinciding with it. suppose, it's trying to hang on to every bit of this delicious season. can you blame it?
    this portfolio perfectly displays your summer, m'dear, and your words are always a treat to read.

    love you to pieces. let's talk soon, kay? i can't wait to tell you everything. ;)