Roads- a photo essay

August 15, 2013

There were so many roads this summer.  They are the veins on the skin of a map.  They are the strings that tie my heart to places.  They go on and on and on.  Maybe this sounds funny, but roads are incredibly important to me right now.  So many people that I love live far away.  And in a frightening, ironic way, it's good to know that the only thing that keeps me from them is a road.  And the only thing that will get me to them is a road.  So it's all one.

My Nana and Pappaw moved into a new home when I was about ten and my mom was pregnant with Aidan.  Mama, Morgan, and I soon came down on a little trip to see their new place.  I felt so at home then and so free on their land.  We've come back, a few days before college starts up for me again.  I've been a little worried that this trip might be cutting it a little close.  But last night we made (more) homemade ice cream, played card games, and did lots of laughing- and we may have watched the new Duck Dynasty- chow!  So it has been good.  And really, it's impossible to ever regret coming to one of the best places on earth.

p.s. do you like the design?


  1. Gab,

    You capture pictures in their greatest perfection, and words intertwined to a greater complexion. We are blessed with such a Creator to design such amazing photography props and men smart enough to invent roads! Well done! Embrace your incredible skill and keep up the good work!

    --your anne

  2. Ps, your new design is lovely! I think your should keep it. ;)


  3. These photos are heart-wrenching (in a wonderful way) and beautiful.

    xx, A

    ps your words are wholesome and good. also, i really like your new design.

  4. your photographs are amazing. thank you for inspiring my own photography! seriously, this post was wonderful. and i love your blog layout as well.

    lindsey louise

  5. I love the theme - road after road after road.

  6. *sigh* That first still makes me want to just fly down the road, running as fast as I can. It looks cool, shady and Green.
    Heyyyyy, you're right, roads ARE the veins of a map! I think I subconsciously noticed that once, but hadn't thought about it since. I should REALLY write things down more often... =) I like your other thoughts on roads, the fact that this is a photo-essay, and that you too, take photos of the same subject for purposes like this.(Only, I haven't gathered all mine up yet...ahem)
    It's fun to note the contrasts and similarities between the photos: straight - curved, shady - sunny, paved - gravel, clouds overhead - trees overhead.

    Sooo, basically, I enjoyed this very much. =)
    AND, I'm afraid I don't like your new design at all. I LOVE IT! (Sorry, had you worried there for a moment I bet... =P) It puts all the emphasis on the photos (which is the point) The font you chose (for the title) is unique and I love your 'hey' page! (I'll be even more impressed if you tell me that you took the photo yourself...which is lovely btw, and I really mean that, green and brown and Gabby go so well together. <3)

    xx ~Jenny

    1. Aw, thank you so much! You're a doll ;)

      I did take the photo myself- sort of. Most of the credit should go to an obliging fig tree with a perfect branch to hold my camera. I'm just a redneck.

  7. BEAUTIFUL photographs. the first and the last are my favorites :) and I love the new design, Gabby! It's beautiful :)