If summer was a blanket (a journal piece)

August 28, 2013

If summer was a blanket, I'd catch her by her soft, worn corners and fold her up neatly.  I'd store her away in my trunk, and when winter came I'd bring her out, spread her out on my bed.  She would be a warm yellow, bold and bright and glowing.  If summer was a blanket, she must be a patchwork quilt.  Each piece a different color for a different day, a different moment.  Yellow for the sunlight and lemonade.  Red for the flowers and strawberries.  Blue for the water and sky.  Brown for the tan on our backs and the dirt under our nails.  Gray for the rain and for the clouds when they are moody.  If summer was a blanket, there would be stains on the edges that looked like dirt roads; rips and tears that make one think of the sun's rays, ripping and tearing up the sky into blue shreds.  If summer was a blanket, I think I could sleep in her warm, twisting folds forever.


  1. *jaw drops* this, m'dear, I want to paste up on my wall and read it over and over and savor each and every deliciously wonderful word. that's summer in a nutshell, indeed.

    i love you so much, turkey girl, and all that you do and am so glad that you are my beautiful friend. chat with you soon, 'kay. love ya. xx

  2. Oh, you have a way with words.
    I've liked looking around your blog!

  3. As I read this, a smile glowed on my face. Tears creeped into my eyes. I nodded (in thorough agreement).

    The complex simplicity of this post, your emotional expression, and your photos (that, by the way, make me want to leap into the computer screen and fly to Louisiana) combine to make a truly beautiful and stunning and evocative piece of art.

    I love you. And I love your art.


  4. this is poetry. simple poetry in paragraph form. love, love, LOVE. your words are so beautiful!
    and your photos... always beautiful.

  5. Ohhhh, Gabby.
    I love your metaphors.
    They are sewn throughout almost all of your posts, and that's just why I love it over here. =)
    Keep it up my dear.

    And put these in a book.

    xx ~Jenny

  6. your words and photos... they just gave me chills.
    this is so so so good. just write a book, okay.