eight'o clock

August 25, 2013

On a sudden impulse, Morgan and I took apart our two beds and put the two mattresses together on the floor.  I've never slept with any of my siblings on a regular basis.  And now we sleep close.  She's all tan from swimming under a hot sun, freckles in little splatters across her nose, and her hair is a train of a million highlights. I remember being nine (almost ten).  All those funny little problems that, now from all appearance seem silly, were so life-threatening then.  I try to listen respectfully to her problems- and it feels so weird to be asked for advice.  Being a sister is really great all around... but being a sister to a sister is something else.

This week was something else.  School started (sorry, but how did that happen again?), and I've started my first job- (housecleaning)- so now I'm sort of an official working woman.  Maybe?  Maybe not.  But it's all good and it's all fun.

It is eight something on a Sunday evening.  And it is still summer. And tomorrow is school.  And fall is around the corner.  Isn't it amazing?


  1. It IS amazing.

    (After reading this post you left me basically speechless so I really don't have much to say.)

    Love you,


  2. "freckles in little splatters across her nose" awww, I love that phrase. <3
    And this.

    xx ~Jenny

  3. awh, i loved this post. my best friend and i will still sometimes have sleepovers and it makes me so happy when we sleep in blankets on my living room floor. i love your photographs here as well!

    lindsey louise