July 6, 2013

I can't believe it's July.  A second ago it was still cold out and I was wishing for summer break and for school to be over.  But I've got about a million pictures to prove the last couple months, and a journal full of memories.  Life moves fast, but only when you don't look.

There are so many pictures and so many things I want to talk about.  But today is incredibly busy (like every other is) and we've been getting over a sickness thing.

Happy late Fourth of July!
And I promise to write at least a semi-sane post asap.  With as much coherence as I can muster.  Cheers!


  1. hope you had a happy fourth, m'dear. these stills are fantastic, as per usual. ;)
    love you to the moon and then some,

  2. there is no end to the epic, brilliant blogs I find, is there? so many luscious designs and elegant words. down-to-earth and mystical photography. captivating overall. I wish every blogger was this good.


  3. Hey, you got a great range of tones in those black and white pictures! =D
    I haven't gotten around to taking splash pictures yet, but I sure want to.

    "Life moves fast, but only when you don't look." It's incredible; but I like it that way. =)

    xx ~Jenny

    P.s. I take it back, your pool is twice as big as ours! We don't have a handy-dandy deck to hop off of either...)

    1. heh, that's actually our Uncle's pool. We just make waves in there ;) And, as always, you are so sweet.

  4. look at that splash. awesome.
    love your blog so MUCH!

  5. love your blog so much, oh my gosh. wow. okay.
    your words speak to the soul (just as they should).
    thanks for this post!
    lotus m.
    -my words and i ♡

  6. Hope your 4th was great, Gabby.
    I love the pictures!!

  7. once again, you said just what has been on my mind lately. :) lovely pictures, Gabby, and Happy July! (can the year already be half over?!)

    also, Life moves fast, but only when you don't look. you said it. :)