July 3, 2013

Part i
1. Louisiana farmland
2. Ian's geography/atlas ventures
3. Backseat view

Part ii
Doing the tourist thing
1. Coble
2. Plain Folk community
3.  Food market plus odds and ends

Part iii.
Moseying on home

1. He's supposed to be twelve and eats like ice cream like a two year old.  I wonder if that's a bad thing.
2. Backseat view (again)
3.  Home near the swamp

I lived in Tennessee for one year.  We were this close to the Plain People.  It changed a lot of things for us, seeing their way of living.  Their basic rules of life seem so simplistic that it almost looks easy... but since we've delved into an agrarian lifestyle, tried our hand at rural living I know it is much harder than it looks.  Keeping animals contained seems like such a tiny job, but honestly!  There's so much work that goes into simply keeping animals in one place.  Watching these people live plainly is inspiring.  The way they don't change but keep their ways in itself is a marvel.

I had fun.  And though I've got lots of respect for Tennessee, well, hey Jack, I love Louisiana.


  1. ohmygoodnessgracious! these are just beautiful. your honest musings are so refreshing to read, dearheart.

    let's chat soon, k? before I fall off the face of the earth in a week. :P

    love you to the moon and back,

  2. these are seriously some of my favourite pictures in the history of blogging.

  3. agreeing (as in nodding my head off) at Grace's comment about your words. love.
    and. your photography. seriously getting better by the post. i could stare at your photos ALL DAY.

  4. your photographs are so wonderful. your blog is beautiful!

  5. And it was so great seeing you Gabby!! I enjoyed our little chat. *wink*
    I miss you and wish y'all could've stayed longer. ;) Talk to you soon!

    Ps. Amazing photos!!! I love the one of the Coble Pottery sign. We drive by it all the time, but I never really stopped to contemplate it. Beautiful.


  6. Great. Now I need to fight my hunger to travel all of Tennessee.

    The last frame you shared is absolutely magnificent. I feel sort of like I'm in a trippy colorful dream just looking at it.

  7. Gorgeous captures! I love Tennessee....it's been too long, I must go back soon!

  8. Ahhhhhh....I just fell into that last picture.
    Literally; the water is SO perfect and cool, just wraps right around you...and it's Greeeeeen. <3

    Oh; I love road trips! I can tell from the pictures that you do too. =) I alternately sighed and chuckled while reading this. ;D


    xx ~Jenny

    Ps. That bridge you went over is pretty darn awesome!