The sixteenth of July

July 16, 2013

Morgan is singing hymns softly, the lunch I’m making for the two of us is simmering on the stove, and I’m looking through the last few days of pictures.  There has been a summer rain, a birthday, a family get-together, and lots of lessons learned.  As a younger girl I couldn’t wait for my life to be exploding with fast pacing situations or happenstances.  And sometimes it really is nice.  But it has been quite a while since I’ve cooked a "just for two lunch", watched light get chased away by shadows whose owners are clouds, and written without some sort of emotion overwhelming my thoughts.

Have a good day.


  1. love. love. love. love. love. these two photos make my heart swoon. seriously. and your words are absolute soul food.

    love you to pieces and then some. let's chat soon, kay?


  2. ah, yes. these pictures are so gorgeous, Gabby girl, and your words. ahh. perfection. :) we have been blessed with summer rain (for the past week and a half) and it is slowly starting to turn things green. it's lovely; so refreshing. :)

    all in all, i just love this a lot.

    love you! <3

  3. These photos bring back feelings; feelings of the wind (howling deep), feelings of peeking through doors into wide open fields (shhh), feelings of just everyday life. Feelings that recall emotions. Emotions that recall nostalgia. Nostalgia that recalls tears.

    Also, I like it when light is chased by the clouds, shadows fluttering everywhere (you described it perfectly).

    Love you. :)

    xx A

  4. RAIN!!! We could use some o' that here...
    Ah! Gabby! "...watched light get chased away by shadows whose owners are clouds" as I read that I suddenly realized that's exactly what's goin' on!! 8D The clouds own their shadows...and the shadows DO chase away the light! Whaaaaaat a fun mental picture!

    *sits with goofy grin on face*

    And I 'specially like the brick photo.

    That's all. =)

    xx ~Jenny