Little things

July 13, 2013

Morgan and I have been dreadfully inspired about making life pretty.  Or sparing no expense towards sprucing things up a bit.  I'm the minimalist sort and if it can go in a box under my bed instead of out on a shelf where it'll collect dust, then I'll put it there.  But we've summer cleaned our room (and I personally like summer cleaning) and found so much neat stuff- funny that.  Like teacups, lace hankies, mason jars, lemon colored material, and other things that will make your heart go boom boom.  It's the simplicity of just putting pretty things out that makes it so appealing.  I don't have any pictures of the little changes, but that's mostly because our room is incredibly dark and I don't take inside pictures very well.  But believe  me, I love the jar of pencils on my desk, the wax and stamps and who knows what else in a basket, and ivy growing in a jar around my books.

I don't knit or crochet often anymore.  It used to be a daily thing- work on this or that knitting project.  This year though, I've not picked up a single knitting needle or crochet hook.  But I've got two second cousins who are expecting so I'm making their babies a blanket (shh).  I like knitting- not as much as I once did- but it is incredibly therapeutic and heartwarming.  The rhythm of clicking needles, yarn ball rolling and bouncing across the floor, and an ever growing piece of endless loops is sweet.

It's little things.


  1. Those stills are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I've also been slowly clearing out my stashes as well. i've found i am really good at keeping useless (but still pretty) things. (um, chocolate wrappers??) but there is something beautiful and nostalgic about going through bits and pieces from the past. this is just beyond lovely, gabby.

  3. Mmmmmm... I absolutely LOVE the second picture; especially the color combination of the purple flowers and the daylilies(?)

    "Like teacups, lace hankies, mason jars, lemon colored material, and other things that will make your heart go boom boom." Oh, yes, we have our own version of that list, my sister and I. Funny thing is, I kinda flip-flop between being a minimalist; and having a whole bookshelf of things I never touch except to dust...*grins*
    I'm rather an enigma. =D

    ~ xx Jenny

    I can relate to your view of knitting also. <3

    1. P.s. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog Gabby! I really appreciate them. <3