A quiet life

July 9, 2013

I love sitting in the chicken yard, watching things go on between Aidan and the animals.  It's especially quiet out there; there's a silence above the hushing tree tops.  The sounds of Aidan chasing the chickens, playing with the goats, running after ducks are apart of the quietness. 

"...that you also aspire lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands..." 1 Thessalonians 4:11

I feel like we've traveled all over, when in fact, it's not been that much.  It's only seemed like a lot since it happened in the last month and a half.  I've been busy with all sorts of stuff- being sick and still getting over it, getting some orders done for shelled pecans, introducing two new goat billies to our animal family (and those are my main men right there, y'all), and then a couple other things... like getting a bit nervous for my August driver's license test, getting a little anxious because of this year has flown by already, and getting a little frightened that that all means I'm getting older.  (I know, sixteen is still pretty young, but seriously.)

Just to spare you a myriad of quick posts that will more of less tell you the same thing: I tend to write because I'm not good at communicating through talking.  I make it complicated for myself and though I might write how lovely this sunset is or how the colors seemed to melt everywhere (why does that term even get used?), I don't feel that way when I actually see it happening.  The sun goes down with or without my approval.  I don't think about it.  I just see it and then remember it somewhere in my soul and write about it.  Talk to me in real life and I'll honestly tell you my opinion... but later I'll wish I'd said something completely different- what I believed more so than what I thought.

So.  With all that off of me- not that it's much of anything, just a worry of a growing sixteen year old- I'll bid you a happy week.  And thanks for stopping by and being sweet and all that.



  1. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog you left,
    after reading this post, i'd just like to say two things:
    1. those pictures are perfect
    2. i can totally relate to not being able to communicate as well through spoken words as through written words; mainly because when writing, you can take your sweet time, and actually think about what you want to say.
    can't wait for future posts!
    lotus m. from 'my words and i' ♡

  2. I feel exactly the same way. When I speak to someone face to face, I feel like an utter moron. But when I write, the words come out the way I want them to. More lovely. I wish I could converse with someone like that, but I can't. (I don't have enough time to think about what I'm going to say next, that it seems to come out incorrectly)

    Lovely post, Gabby. I truly enjoy your writing.

  3. oh, and did you do this blog design yourself?
    How do you get your pictures that large?
    and how did you get your blog header so close to the top of site page?
    Any tips or advice for blog design?

    1. Hey there, Kate! I'm happy to give any help I can... although I'm not that polished on all the HTML know how ;)
      -I re-size my pictures after I edit them in gimp (950 px wide). When I upload them to blogger, I make sure they show up what blogger calls their "original size."
      -I deleted my header which also deleted the space around it. Blogger doesn't let you do this unless you change a couple things in the HTML section. You'll have to find: id='header-wrapper'> and under that, you'll see: 'Header1' locked='false' You have to change "false" to "true." Then save it, go to your layout area and delete the header! Upload a picture to use as a header as it will use less space than blogger's format.
      -Just find something you love. Go with colors that never get old, a layout you'll never want to change (do you want a sidebar or no, a header or no, et cetera).

      Good luck!

      p.s. if you have any more questions, you can email me at gabradinia@gmail.com

  4. ah, Gabby, your words & photos are beautiful (as usual). simple/quiet lives are good--and although my life has been a little crazy lately, i've been finding time to enjoy simplicity in the middle of chaos. :) also, driver's license test? i have to take mine soon (because my permit is going to expire... *ahem* it shows that i am not an extrovert.) if it makes you feel any better, i'm nervous too. ha. especially about parallel parking.

    and about the gettin' older? yup. so, pretty much everything you said coincides with the way i've been feeling lately. growing up is scary, but such an experience. :) so, i just wrote a whole paragraph... anywayyy. i'll be answering your lovely email soon (and i agree with every word you said in that as well... ;)), and i hope you're having a fabulous summer!

    love you!

  5. Awww; ya' know, my first thought when I saw the title of this post was "Heyyyyy, that sounds like the Bible verse about aspiring to live a quiet life....!" and whatdayouknow, it was. =)

    The "awww" above was for the pictures though; I really enjoying seeing your farm life pictures. The last one is hilarious and I just cracked up when I got to it! =D It's priceless! An' I can just imagine what the goats are thinking about each other in the second picture...! Then there's Aidan in the near background, just looking calmly on... You captured it well! <3

    About writing...I know whatcha mean...I sometimes prefer letters to keeping a conversation going, but I do think it's neat that you remember things in that way, so as to expound upon them later. =)

    Well anyhoo, Love ya'.

    xx ~Jenny