June 29, 2013

Thinking about summer, I think of vibrancy and life.  It seems wrong anything should die in the middle of die in the middle of summer.  Our kitten, Alivia (Skeeter) was run over Sunday morning.  There's lots of eloquent poetry written about death and love and good-byes, but there's nothing eloquent about something dying when it actually happens.  It's rarely glorious.  She's buried now, a little brick with her name and the day she died written on it marks her grave.  You leave pieces all over life, don't you?

The family and I are going to Tennessee over the weekend... I'll be quiet on my end.  It's good to let life take over every now and again.


  1. these stills take my breath away. you're just getting better and better at photography aren'tcha? I've been keeping you in my thoughts & prayers, my sweet friend. love you to pieces. xx

  2. oh, that's absolutely dreadful. that has to be hard, i'm so sorry.
    these shots are just beautiful!
    xx. marcia

  3. OH NO! but she was so cute... if it makes you feel any better, your photographs of her were precious, as are these. you have talent, dear.

  4. I want to cry really hard now. I just can't believe little Alivia passed away.

    But on the other hand your photos are better than ever and your words are good and wholesome.

    love you to the moon and back. :)


    ps how did you take that first photo? that flare/sun/washed-over look is killing me in a glorious way.

    1. My first picture... haha... I was spraying a water hose on full blast in front of my camera (hazardous, keep in mind) and loving the rainbow and the sun caught in the water. Everything is out of focus, but I liked the picture anyways.

  5. oh no. i'm so sorry. i gasped out loud when i saw this. i had a kitten die last year too -- it's the saddest thing.

    on a completely different note, I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS.

  6. ah, loosing an animal (especially in such a sad way) is one of the hardest things. :( Alivia was precious, and your photographs of her will be something to treasure. *sniff*

    and your words and photographs are so gorgeous, darling. It's good to let life take over now and again. couldn't have said it better myself. i loved your pictures of Tennessee (sorry i haven't commented yet... *wry face* Summer has been full. :))

    all in all, i just love the way you describe, and capture life. really.

    love you bunches. ::hugs::