Summer things

June 19, 2013

Water.  It's the best thing about summer.  I'm pretty sure I was half mermaid when I was little.  I still love, love water; but everything is soaked up in enchantment when you're little, isn't it?  Sitting wrapped up in a towel, feet lingering in the water, and thoughts rambling somewhere far off.  I remember that.  I remember the hot wood, the hot sand, the hot rocks we used to sit on.  And we'd sit and sit and sit and watch the water come and go, splashing the way it does.  It might be monotonous, but it really isn't.  That's something I've learned- there's no such thing as real monotony in life.  It's something you make for yourself.  

I'm finally catching my breath from being gone for so long and remembering  home and normal life.  It feels the same but it's different then it was.  Skipping a few weeks at home is pretty much like pressing the forward button.  You notice things better and then see them differently.  Not everything is quite back to normal, though: my family isn't all back together (little brother is gone), but that will come soon enough.  Some things will forever stay off and that keeps life balanced.

It's craziness.


  1. O.M.G., Gabby!!! These are absolutely incredible! Your photography just gets better and better and your words are soul food. Pure n' delicious.

    Love you so much and all you do,

  2. Words can't describe how this made me feel. Gabby, I used to experience that exact 'feeling' when I was younger and I must say you made waves and rushes of nostalgia spill over my heart.

    Love you.
    PS your photos make my heart sing, like really really sing and swell with happiness.

  3. =)
    (short I know, but I really don't have any words to describe this either!)
    Though...I couln't agree more with Grace and Acac. <3

    xx ~Jenny

    P.s. We have that exact pool! And it's definitly best when it's filled with people you like. =)