Stories (of a romantic nature)

June 3, 2013

One-- She did like him.  She knew him distantly and yes, he wasn't bad looking.   But she had to turn him down.  It was a matter of conscience and sticking to her rules- don't go out with a guy (no matter how much you like him) when you have a date to keep with someone else.  It was a big disappointment, and especially so because she knew that he declared that he would never ask a girl out twice.  That was his rule.  Sometimes, she felt, rules intended for happiness were just formalities that barred more than allowed.  But she stuck to her rules and couldn't help but wish that he wouldn't stick to his.

Two--  Maybe the first thing that won her to him was the way he broke the rules.  He called back.  He asked her out again.  This time, she was free with no other obligations to fill.  So she said yes.  He was going to take her out to a dance.  There, dancers that knew him kept a girl's name coincided with his in gossip.  She wondered about that and asked him.  He said he was seeing someone else.  Now he was breaking her rules.  For the second time she had to turn him down when he asked her out.  The next time he called, he told her he wasn't a taken man and if she'd like to, would she like to go out with him? 

Three-- It was a yes, a yes, a yes; then an I love you, through richer and poorer, and I do.  Soon enough there was an: look, you're a father, a grandfather.  The couple had a little girl.  They sent her off to college when she was ready.  She fell in love with a handsome professor who fell head over heels in love with her.  They were married.  And they welcomed their own little girl into the world, and gave her her middle name after her grandfather's middle name: Lynne.

My mom asked me to write down some stories about my grandparents while spending a couple weeks with them.  So these are some scratchings I outlined and love thinking about.  It makes me smile watching these paragraphs form and make little life stories.  Even though life, love, and everything in between can be summed into neat sentences, they stand there strong.  They are true and sweet and good.  I can't wait to have my own little paragraph one day.  When maybe I'll get the chance to name my little girl's middle name Lynne- like mine.


  1. This is lovely, my dear friend! I'm glad you have taken the time to write this down. It is a story that will be told to you children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!
    Love you so much! (and, of course, miss you!)


  2. laskjfdljaslfjk;ldsakfjsdalkjflssd;akjfldjfoiasfdofsd. first off, these photos. ohmygoodnessgracious!!! they should be in kinfolk. second of all, i am absolutely dying to visit you at your nana's house down that dirt lane avenue, kay? thirdly, this story makes my heart melt, seriously. it's beautiful.
    love you so much and everything you do.
    xx | goose.

  3. oh, this is beautiful. ahhh i can't get enough! perfect love story. :)
    also, your photos just keep getting better and better.

  4. This is the cutest story. And the cutest mailbox. *smile*


  5. Incredible.

    This is simple, sweet, soft, brimming and spilling with emotion and raw, pure love.

    I enjoyed reading this so much.


  6. I loved this. Stories of the heart are truly the best. :) and the pictures are absolutely lovely as well!