June 22, 2013

Her little tummy is much plumper than when we first got her.  She doesn't skitter away when she sees people, although she is still afraid of noise.  She doesn't mind being petted, but she doesn't like being held, and makes funny hiccup noises when I do cradle her.  She's outgrown her howling to be let inside.  She loves playing so long as her tummy doesn't get poked or rubbed.  She used to growl after she got her food, frightened someone might take it from her.  I call her Skeeter sometimes because that's what she looks like when she runs and pounces on people's legs.  But she's a lady and so her name is Alivia.

Happy second day of summer ;)


  1. Isn't it funny that she doesn't skitter much anymore but her nickname named 'Skeeter'? That made me smile. 'Alivia'? Gabby, I cannot tell you how beautiful that name is. If ever I have a daughter I will seriously consider naming her that because 'Aliva' stunningly gorgeous and I want to name everything I see after it.

    Also, your words and photographs just make me really (really) happy.

    xx Love you.


  2. Ohhhhh, golly, I just want to scoop her up and cradle her; if only to hear those "funny hiccup noises".
    "Runs and pounces on peoples legs" Oh, I can picture it all, and I'm literally sitting here grinning like an idiot because of it! :) Hehe...

    I really look forward to your posts Gabby, I just love your perspective on life and really admire the way you grasp it, keep the little moments, instead of enjoying it- then moving on. (we aren't all elephants after all, and we forget stuff!)

    xx `Jenny

    P.s. I think I've figured out your style, at least part of it; you're rather adept at telling a story with just a couple pictures. <3

  3. P.s. an' hey, what about that "cool stuff"? Did it happen yet?

    -Curious =P

  4. ohh this is soo adorable!! I'm so sad I'm allergic to cats, because they are too cute. I love the first picture so much :)
    you have a lovely blog, dear! and it's nice to meet another Gabby in the blogging world :)
    I hope you have a wonderful week xoxo

  5. sorry but i'll be stealing her from you.
    also, your photographs are so soft and beautiful. always.

  6. Not really cat-person, but I can't help thinking she's cute. She's a real lovely lady kitten with such a beautiful name.

    And the way you take photographs -- so profound.

  7. Wow! All of your photographs are really really good!

  8. Wow! All of your photographs are really really good!