It's not like anything

June 2, 2013

Since there are practically five hundred and fifty million black eyed susans on the roadside I've been wanting to bike and take pictures. Taking a trip to see my grandparents and spending hours on the road deepened that. I keep telling myself to go take a bike ride down their road. I keep not doing it. Excuses are just... nasty things, really. There's nothing that keeps me away from going-- I mean, it's beautiful-- the road is narrow and shaded for the most part by a cave of trees.  Light is sprinkled on the ground like dew and like the road's broken gravel. The sound that encloses this part of the world is usually silent mixed with spurting tones of nature: birds, leaves, bees, wind.  Between these things all is something like a hush.  But I'm still here.

Even though summer technically is in twenty more days (happy first of June, by the way... ohmygosh), I keep trying to voice out what I love about summer.  It's certainly not the heat-- although it is definitely summer's signature.  Not having to do school is such a wondrous thing, of course.  I think it's the uncertainty and strangeness and quietness during those three months.  There's so much more time to think and to breathe and draw the important things close.  Or something.

I'm down south (if you can get any more south when you live in Louisiana) at my Nana and Pappaw's.  That means plum picking (and eating), soft orange sunsets, a porch covered in plants.  My nana is opening up a ceramic shop... Pappaw built it in their barn and it looks wonderful.  Nana has known how to do ceramics  since they lived in Alaska (quite a long time ago) when my mom was a child.  Now she's got a shop of her own and I'm having lots of fun helping her.  So... if you need any ceramic lessons, just go out of your way down a road that sits wedged between a couple farming fields.  She's a great teacher and loves people and their stories.

It's not like anything.  Maybe that's what summer is?


  1. why must you be so lovely, gabby dear?!!!

    this seriously is the best. and you are the best. and i love everything that you do and take photographs of and and - just everything about you lovely lady you.

    love you to pieces,

  2. I'd agree with that; it's not like anything. But it does have a special charm to it. =)

    Huh! Your 'brown eyed susans' are different than our 'black eyed susans' ;) Ours have smaller layered petals . . . and black eyes. =P I'm really likin' the second, it's an overhead view too.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...I looked at that sunset and nearly melted. Such majesty! Tis' beautiful indeed Gabs. <3

    Loverly again.

    xx ~Jenny