May 18, 2013

So it's been rainy. Just your ordinary, sneak up on you on a warm day, sunny drizzle.  You know how it feels when rain is the last thing you thought you were going to see when you look out of a window in the afternoon?  But when you see it coming down softly you realize you've been expecting it all day?  That's when rain is your friend.  When it's puttering softly and quietly.

We are now officially enjoying summer break- with humidity, heat, no school, and garage sales (that is as much a part of summer as anything else).  I'm learning the usefulness of neck scarves (thrift find), and leather coin purse (also thrift find).  I've a couple smell good herbs taking off in the flower bed and I can't wait to get a big bunch for ice tea.  And all of a sudden I love the color peach (can you tell? do you like the new do?)

I guess with the changing of the seasons in the air I want to change too and putter at my own pace-- like the rain.  I had a to-do list this long for summer and one of my goals was to redirect where this blog is going.  I love blogging a lot.  But I think the blogging world is easily prejudiced against smaller blogs and people doing their very own thing.  Yes, it's trendy to be different, but by trying to all be different we end up the same.  It doesn't work.  So I've decided something.  I want to be honest more than I do different or unique.  I want to do my own thing my own way because there's no guidelines to hold me back (or anyone back)- like dying before not posting this many times a week, posting this sort of thing instead of what I really want to say, and you better believe you have to be a professional photographer before you can have a successful blog. I'm a rebel and I know it (I am a Confederate by blood, by the way), and love honesty.

Last thing- under the sun is my journal.  That's why I've made the decision to take the followers gadget off of here-- it's a cheap statistic to keep bloggers feeling good about what they write.  Or at least, it has been used far too much that way.  Taking mine off is just a step towards something bigger. I also want to move in the direction of posting better quality posts that are longer but fewer and far between.

So I'm super excited about life and everything.  Pretty much.  What about you?
Thanks :)


  1. I just love this. and I love-love-love the new look! :) My herbs have been coming up too, and I've already been drinking sweet tea. and garage sales, YES. and i love your thoughts on being honest. you said but by trying to all be different we end up the same. << THAT. just wow. I've watched so many bloggers trying to be authentic and different, but they all end up posting the same cliche' posts.
    this is just lovely, dearie.
    xx. marcia

  2. LOVE the new do, m'dear and can't wait to see the new things you'll come up with. you're incredibly talented and downright amazing, so whatever you produce will be simply smashing, I'm sure. love you lots and your photos and your blog in general. ;) xx

  3. Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness I just can't take this. You are spectacular. That is all.
    Well, no it isn't. *grin* I admire you for taking off the followers gadget and stating your rebelliousness and honesty. I can't wait to see what happens.


  4. I've been meaning to comment on this post for a while. The words haven't been coming. This post is beyond perfection; still and quiet, poignant and nostalgic, soft and soothing -- it is SUCH a refreshing post. Your words are wonderful and your photos remind me of Carlotta's past photography style, which I love to bits.

    kiss kiss


  5. Oh boy, what a treat! Five humongous, goregous pictures all at once! =D
    I love how you captured the raindops in the first two, that's what I see most often too! (Rather than, say, crystal clear water rippling in perfect circles...=P)
    The compostition of the second to last is well thought out: it points to home! What a neat idea...
    Oh, I hear ya. After a year of blogging I can tell you that I believed quite a few of those "rules" when I started out. I don't think I've quite developed My style yet, but it's coming more easily to me now.
    And I might add, you do have your own style, I can't describe it right now but I know it's there.

    Thanks for your honesty! (Especially about being a Confederate,hehe ;D)

    xx ~Jenny

    P.s. I noticed when your follwer gadet moved, and it actually surprised me that I knew exactly why you had moved it; it wasn't the point of your blog, why should it be one of the first things people notice?! Duh! *forehead smack*. In other words, I guilty of copying you on that point! =P

    1. Haha! You're sweet to notice the followers gadget gallivanting about my blog :) Yeah... I struggled with that thing for forever and just decided the fuss wasn't worth it.

      As always, you are a complete dear, dear.
      Love and cheers and xo's!