It's called crazy

May 8, 2013

I love a tumbled warm blanket of a morning.  Waking up to the sun (not before it, mind you) and seeing a clear sky is one of the most stimulating ways to take up the day's work.  Or maybe not so stimulating-- I have been sleeping in a few minutes later than usual (yeah, well.)  Mixed with the knowledge that summer break is just around the corner and I'm going to see the ocean really soon (yes!) these days bump along by and I have to force myself to school.  It's getting impossible to sit at a desk and look at the sun covered everything and not be in it.

Last week was a huge, nerve racking event-- college stuff, Daddy's fiftieth birthday, a party surprise, guests from far away to stay overnight, and lots of other equally fun and scary things.  It's called crazy and it's known as being fun.  I love hectic days- if the sun is up and shining and everyone is happy- but I'm ready for the emptiness and peaceful stanza of summer.

p.s. my Daddy is Atticus's age!   :D


  1. This is just rather exciting and excellent, shimmering with life and simplicity.

    Ahh, your words and photographs touch my soul.


  2. i'm so with you on the summer thing. love how you put it. :)
    LOVE that last photo!

  3. ah! I know what you mean. I want to be doing other things instead of sitting inside doing school. but summer is right around the corner!! love your pictures. :))



  4. ahh. yes! I'm so busy I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose my mind. I can't wait till things calm down again,
    this is ever so lovely, dear. plus that second photo is perfect!

  5. The focus in that last picture is amazing, my dear. I haven't been able to focus on school at all this week, either. Warm, sunny days make it hard to pay attention.


  6. Boy those two pictures sure make a statement! You've got a good handle on the balance of "Less is more". The last happens to be one of my favorite "types" of pictures as well; the focus on one flower, with more of it's kind fading quietly into the background, first detail, then shape, till they just echo the focal flower! Love it. <3

    "It's called crazy and it's known as being fun." That's exactly it! =D

    Good job.

    xx ~Jenny