Green thumbs & white churches

May 25, 2013

I have a green thumb that kills.  Listen, I can grow wild mint and ivy and it may survive to grow abundantly. I can grow a basil seed up to a mighty three inches tall.  But that's it.  Ironically, I have a love affair with farming, and I respect people who have garden know how.  About the only thing I can do is stick a seed in the ground and pray.  A few months ago I was doing some practice driving with my grandfather.  I drove for an hour or so on a car-scarce highway.  We passed a greenhouse store and I begged to go in.  He was willing, I parked, we went in and looked around.  I spied a succulent- I'd been wanting one for forever- and  Pappaw bought it for me (he loves to spoil, y'all).  It stayed alive with me for awhile, made a narrow escape from death after the first couple months, and now it's growing very well.  I added another succulent to its pot and even it is growing well.  We'll see how the summer months go with it, right?

Down our road just a tiny bit is a church.  It's a little white church with a cornfield growing in front of it.  During the different seasons, the church comes in and out of view- it hides when the corn is completely grown, it sticks out when the land is preparing for the next season's crops.  My grandparents were married in that church half a century ago.  My mammaw was baptized by that church in a river a mile or so off even longer ago.  My great grandparents are buried in its cemetery.  Lately, it had been busy producing a good old southern revival, lasting over a week.  I heard singing when I drove past it the other night.

It's a good feeling to be so close to the past and to know that it is still clinging to the present.
Also... some cool stuff is happening. *smiles*


  1. Um I like this; like, I really really REALLY like this. Your photography speaks to my soul E.V.E.R.Y time I visit your blog (it's getting kind of freaky - the way your so good at capturing life and all).

    Cool stuff happening? I'm dying to know, girlie.

    xxx A

  2. "I have a green thumb that kills." Hehe, what a great openening sentance! =D
    I'm with ya all the way though, I don't have much of ANY garden know-how and quite respect and stand in awe of the people in our church that farm. They are the coolest peoples! I really like the second picture; especially those ferny-plants (well, on second thought they are ferns at all...) that leaves a neat little shadow on the steps. <3 The last though; I'm just fascinated by the patterns the rows make! It's a splendid picture. <3
    That is super sweet about the Church and how it's connected to your family! It's just so super cool!

    Cool stuff, huh? Tell us? Soon? Now? Please? ;D

    This was good.

    xx ~Jenny

  3. Oh, my gracious, Gabby girl!!! That first one = swoons. absolutely darling, m'dear girl. your words resonate with my soul so beautifully, and I am just itching to move to the south {my dream's coming true in a year and half ;)}.
    love you to pieces,

  4. ugh. same here. I can't grow anything for the life of me, but I was rather proud that my herb seeds at least sprouted this year. (it's a bit of an improvement; last year they didn't even sprout. :P) let's just see how long they survive. and your photographs are just w o w. there is something so raw and beautiful about them. They totally capture the southern vibe. lately, I've felt the Southern girl in me coming back out. I grew up in the South (till the age of 8), but for the last 7 years I've lived in Colorado. And lately, I've been dying to go back, except for the heat and humidity. I'll take my Colorado weather with me, thanks. ;) anyways, back to my point: your photos make me want to visit the South again even more! and I defiantly want to hear about this cool stuff that's going on! xx. marcia

  5. mmm, this post makes me smile and feel warm inside :)

  6. Hi, i love your blog. Bye. :))))