May 15, 2013

I swear, lists are the only things that keep me organized these days.  Those things are lifesavers.  I slowly cross the words out as I accomplish them.  Maybe the reward is what keeps me working-- crossing out lines on a checklist is fun, admit it.  I have a list hung right where I can see it when I walk into my room, no way to miss it.  And stuff does get done, I think, when I have lists handy to remember everything for me.  I know I need all the encouragement I can get because I constantly forget things.  One thing has been keeping me busy that can't just be tacked up on a list: Alivia.  A tiny five week old kitten who pretty much involves herself in everything I do- she slaps the keyboard when I'm typing, pounces on my pen when I'm writing, sits on my shoulder when I'm up and about, and loves to nose around my nose (I just call it Eskimo kisses.)  She's trying to be an indoor outdoor kitty and it's driving me crazy hearing her yelling to be let in so she can play.  She has two modes- either play nintey miles an hour or konk out for three hours.  I love her to death and look forward to a summer days with her curled up in my lap or taking a nap under my chin.


  1. ahh, she's adorable.
    i totally agree about lists. I make lists for everything post-it notes are my best friends.
    xx. marcia

  2. These photos are beyond perfect: I honestly don't know HOW you're even such a good photographer.

    Oh, and lists? Mhmm; I'm feeling you - me and lists have been best friends as of late.

    love you. :)


  3. Oh my! She is adorable.
    And did you say lists? I make lists quite frequently (my mom doesn't understand it). Mostly lists for all of the things I want to accomplish.
    (and yes, it does feel rather rewarding when you get to check it off!)

  4. P.S Your photography is amazing

  5. Ohmygoodness Alivia is adorable! I love kittens. *smile*
    I completely agree about lists, my dear. They keep me sane some days.


  6. GAH!!! she's so darling! I love her to death already. can I come over and play with ya'll? I'll bring over a spot o' strawberries n' cream tea and some scones and a saucer of milk for livy. ;) love you so much. xx

  7. i can't even. she's too cute for WORDS.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! X 5 (or more!)
    These are Absolutely Adorable and I've never meant that more than just now! <3
    The one where she's sticking out her tongue is my Favorite. =D . . . but I really do love all of them, they just show off her Cute Kitten Personality so well. ;)
    Awww, she sits on your shoulder? I've always wanted one of those kinds of cats; not the kind that just eat'n'sleep. =P

    Lists:Oh dear yes. If I don't write it down I am VERY likely to forget it. If it hadn't been for lists I wouldn't have had a graduation party!

    Splendid job girl!

    xx `Jenny

  9. Alivia is so adorable! And she has a beautiful name too. Alivia. Alivia. I love the way it rolls off your tongue when you say it. Alivia,