Summer nights (not really) & thoughts

April 10, 2013

At the beginning of a new year in school, I am usually pretty excited and enthusiastic about education and learning.  Everything goes pretty well all fall and winter, but when spring rolls in... I start asking myself (Morgan would say I'm having a student conference, talking out loud with myself) a multitude of questions.  So why are you learning Algebra 2, history, English, and reading books as dreadful as The Nine Tailors?  So you can go to college.  Why go to college?  Well, gosh, so you can be able to have a job/talent.  Why does anyone need a job or talent?  Because, baby, this world demands it.  I usually poke and prod myself and ask why can't I just be a photographer or a writer or heck, a farmer.  And recently, I've learned that sometimes you simply can't unplug from the world completely, as much as you would like to.  You always have to be in it, a working mechanism, and helping others, because you were created for that purpose.  And you need sometimes, not all the times, an education to be able to share and make this world a better place for others.

For the past couple days we've been making bonfires outside and our supper with it.  I love the carefree whatever it is that comes with being outside and how all the questions slip off my shoulders (because that's where they are and where I feel them the heaviest, you know).  I shot the above picture last night and I must say, when the pink faded away and the stars came out, it was so good to be reminded that summer is on its way.



  1. so. so. so. lovely, m'dear. you are an incredible blogger {as every post just takes my breath away}, artist, writer, photographer, and of course turkey. ;D love you to pieces | graces

  2. Student conference, hehe, so THAT'S what they're called;I have them quite frequently!

    Yeah, sadly, (well not really sadly exactly) but unfortunately it usually Does require a little education to interact and share with the world. Wisdom is a good thing after all, the Bible tells us so.
    Hhhmmm... I didn't really see that before.
    See, I'd like to just be a photographer, a composer and, heck, even a farmer. ;) I applaud you wholeheartedly too for going further into Algerbra; that takes determination! (apparently abstracts and imaginary negative square roots and I just don't get along.)

    Good post. =)

    xx ~Jenny

  3. Your blog is always so poignant to the way I feel at the moment; it's like a diary spilling with raw emotion and nostalgia that I can read and enjoy whenever I like.

    love you.

    xx acacia

  4. love love love that last paragraph! keep it up, girl.