Lace, frames, pictures

April 13, 2013

We’ve had a rule- for I don’t know how many years- that on every Friday we clean the house.  It’s like a brief (but thorough) spring cleaning every week.  All the bedrooms are vacuumed, dusted, and organized. I’ve learned to really appreciate it.  Especially on Saturdays- waking up to a sunny clean room is the best way to usher in the weekend.  And today was no exception- it was a beautiful morning and can anyone spell Zac Brown Band on the radio and eighty degree weather this afternoon?  I can.

Maybe it came with spring cleaning, but I've been decorating around my space at home.  Morgan and I have pretty much always shared a bedroom and sometimes there doesn't seem like there's much of a point personalizing it.  Two different tastes, two different individuals, you see.  But I dug out an old, yellow lace tablecloth out of my trunk and rearranged pictures of my family/friends.  I've managed to use a tablecloth as a canopy and the effect really is beautiful.  I hung an empty frame on the wall because the emptiness looks so intriguing to me.

Do you have any quirky decorating efforts?


  1. aw, this is darling {i'm sure that this is the one place I have over-used that word...if such a thing is possible :P}. must find a different word to describe all your loveliness. splendid? brilliant? lovely? guess I'll keep working on it.
    decorating is such fun...I didn't really dive into the process until earlier this year taping stills of friends all over the back wall with washi tape...including the lovely one you sent me and a particularly lovely heart bunting that a sweet friend sent me awhile ago. I also was able to decorate my little nook in our trailer the other day with a bunting and heartstrings. *happy sigh*

    ok, I think I've rambled enough, yes? we so need to skype soon, love. xx | your goosey

  2. ooh, yes, i love that empty frame. and i love the canopy, too :)

  3. YES. I most certainly do have a quirky sense of design. *sigh* That can be both helpful AND a nuisance, since I share a room with two of my sisters.

    Also, I just wanted to tell you that your photos and words have an intrinsic depth and beauty to them that makes tears creep into my eyes. (Honestly.)

    xx, Acacia

  4. I adore the hanging branch.

    I'm a neat freak, naturally.

  5. this is absolutely lovely, Gabby! i'm afraid i don't have much of a sense of design. {or maybe it's just quirky. *ahem*} i envision what i like, but usually just settle for what is quick, easy and pretty. ;) haha. but this is lovely.

    the empty frame hanging on the wall is lovely. it holds something of whimsy and simple beauty in it's empty frame. :) this is lovely, darling.


  6. Ooh, I like the empty frame and all of the pictures. Honestly, I decorate with little things that I have made. I really have no theme...

  7. I love the idea of the lace tablecloth as a canopy! And that branch is beautiful. I definitely have a quirky sense of design. :) One of my favorite things I've done in my room, is use left over blue and white wrapping paper as wallpaper on the bottom half of one of my walls. I'll have to post pictures of it on my blog at some point. Btw, I'm your newest follower :)


  8. Beautiful Gabby! Such a great idea! My younger sister and I love, love, love do "quirky" designs in our room! I love lace! We like it on our wall to hang earrings on. It gives a cute "vintage" look against the wall.
    Mariah <3

  9. Oh, I like this Gabby! You two have a simple and sweet way of decorating. =)


    P.s. I also like the vine growing "out" of the window in the corner