Just want to sqeeze you

April 3, 2013

Being a more or less introverted person makes me appreciate sweet, thoughtful things people do.  Morgan has lately taken to cheering me up right when I need it.  She is a flyaway busy body, a stalwart, respectable sort of person who judges not and wishes not to be judged, and as stubborn as a mule I've recently found.  We argue about To Kill a Mockingbird (my favorite book) and she just shakes her head and looks knowing.  She reminds me to do my school and comes up behind me randomly saying, "George, I just want to squeeze you and squishums."  Seriously, I love, love, love that gal. 

Sometimes I pick out all the bad during a day and dwell completely on it.  And truthfully, not sometimes but most of the time.  But having Morgan around is like a sun ray caught in a human body.  Somehow, she manages to smooth out the wrinkles, dance to the radio in our room, and make me laugh so hard.

I love my siblings so much.  And sometimes, I just want to squeeze them and squishums.


  1. this is just happy and cutesy!

  2. ahhh this makes my heart flutter.

  3. aw. what a doll. you two are adorbs together. xx

  4. this is the cutest thing, Gabby. :) i miss not having little brothers & sisters. (at least, i think i miss it. i've never had it, so i don't know. but i'm pretty sure i do. ;)) this is absolutely precious. what is it about children sleeping? innocence, beauty, simplicity. all this makes me very happy. x

  5. "Somehow, she manages to smooth out the wrinkles, dance to the radio in our room, and make me laugh so hard."
    Awww... Gosh, this makes me want to do JUST that with my older sister... just think how helpful to her I could be if I wasn't always thinking about myself first! 0.o *forehead smack*

    Thank you so much for sharing these precious bits about your siblings, they are so encouraging; makes me want to go out and do the same in my family! <3

    Good post as always. <3

    xx `Jenny