George calls her Chuck

April 27, 2013

"My names Chuck.  Chuck Norstadt."  Morgan and I heard that on that old Mel Gibson movie- The Man Without a Face, and could never stop laughing over it (probably late night giggles, you know?).  Sometime after that, we decided to give each other names (it's a funny family thing and shows up every now and again.  You should hear my parents names for each other :)) and I became George, and she became Chuck.  We used to make it a point to call each other that.  Now, it just comes.  The only thing is, she says right now, that I'm the only one who can call her that.  Just George calls her Chuck.

The sunlight has been getting prettier and prettier every day, and there was a new darling white blouse hanging up in the closet for Morgan- Chuck.  So I asked if we could have a backyard photo-shoot (love those).  Actually, I have to smile at most of these pictures- they came out nearly model looking.  And that's a miracle because most of the time she was either talking or laughing her head off.  I had to delete nearly half of all my pictures because her mouth was hanging open *smiles*.  But the ones that I did snag were uncomposed, natural, and just Morgan.  Maybe there are a couple cheesy pictures... but if you see some, you have to admit, they're awful cute.


  1. You two are so cute. These photos are gorgeous! I especially like the eighth one of looking up at her from under the swing.


  2. oh, my goodness graciousdf;laksjf;lkjsdafl;kjdsaf. these are incredible, grabby girl!!! I mean the lighting, the composition, the - EVERYTHING!!! and Morgan dear looks stunning and getting to be such a young lady. ;) love you to pieces, deary.

  3. I'm crying. Gabby, this is truly beautiful.

  4. ohmygosh I love these! great job capturing the moment.

  5. oh, this is the sweetest, and these pictures, Gabby, are incredible! whoa. :) she is the cutest thing--my, such a lovely young lady. ;) i love this. George and Chuck... nicknames are so much fun, especially among siblings. :)


  6. these are so gorgeous. the last one... ohmylanta. the last one!!! and her hair. and the lighting.
    these are absolutely precious!

  7. Oh Gabby, you've done it again! Captured more than just a picture of your sister; you captured the feeling, the moment, the spirit and the joy. =)
    "Chuck" is really quite a bonny lass! <3
    The third picture from the bottom, HOW did you get that angle??!! Were you laying on your back? Did you use burst mode? That is just the coolest picture!!
    I seriously must try that!
    *sigh* the backlighting is simple marvelous, and her laugh in the last is just so precious! =D

    Good job again!

    xx `Jenny

    1. Aw, girl, you are so sweet (as usual). Yes! You guessed it- I was laying on my back when I took that picture of her swinging. My ISO was on 100, believe it or not-- I don't have "burst mode" with my Nikon, but I'm pretty sure it would capture the movement just as well.


  8. Yay! First try too... =)
    You don't have burst mode? That is weird! See, I was thinking you might have used burst mode to capture a whole bunch as she swung over, to make sure you got the right view you wanted, but you just eyeballed it. 0.o
    Now I just have to get MY sister on the swing, thank you muchly Gabby!

    xx ~Jenny