Cracked eggshells

April 16, 2013

Chicks go from being a simple yolk in an egg to hatched baby chicks in twenty one days.  Maybe that isn't amazing to many people, but the more I think about it, the more I get caught up in this fast pacing life, I still can't grasp how something can become bones, feathers, claws, a beak from a sheer yolk in an egg.  I can't fathom how they know to break out, how they take hours to get our of their shell, only using the little energy their bodies can carry, and how long before the egg is completely cracked, you can hear the steady breathing and cheeping inside.  I can't believe a little heart is pumping inside of the egg.  I can't believe the little claws are kicking around on the inside, trying to find the limit is.  I can't imagine a pair of eyes that only see darkness until shards of light crack around their vision until the cracked eggshells fall away and all that's left is light and new world.

We have eleven baby chicks now.  We have another batch due Sunday and we'll see how that goes.  I'm crossing my fingers that they will all be accepted by our seventeen full grown chickens later on- chickens can be right down condescending to one another.  Other than that, life is busy and fun and crazy.  Have a nice Wednesday, hear?


  1. I'm listening to ukulele music now and feeling your words and photographs spill across and break my heart. You are wonderful.

    And yes, because of you, I am having a very good Wednesday.

    xx, Acacia


  3. ohmygoodnessgracious!!!! salkfjsdaflkjfkl I think I'm going to die of this adorableness. that's it. I am going to book a ticket for the next flight to LA, ya hear? be expecting your goosey as she will hopefully be there in time for tea. *smile*
    I ditto Acacia's question : HOW ARE YOUR STILLS SO AMAZING?!!! xx

  4. Totally in love with the first picture!! Beautiful!
    Your Anne
    Ps. I had a great Wednesday! (Which included a "late" birthday party. ;P)

  5. WOAH!
    Gabs,I am now joining you in your wonderment at "how something can become bones, feathers, claws, a beak from a sheer yolk in an egg."
    If that ain't proof for evolutionists I don't know what is! I mean, gosh, look at his little toes! I never thought of chick(ens) as a work of art by God before but I sure do now! 8D

    Wow! ...That is so cool. Thanks so much! It is the perfect ending to this Thursday. =)

    xxxxxxxx ~Jenny

    P.s. I like how you placed the chick right where the lines of the tile cross! Oh gosh, you're so good!

  6. So beautiful, Gabby! We are incubating eggs right now, I am so excited for the "babies" to hatch! I ponder about how they are born too and just blows my mind!

    Much Love, Rosi Rodriguez

    p.s you should check this picture of a chick embryo out:

    1. Thank you, Rosi, for the image link! I've never seen a chick's embryo picture and it was really interesting. And hey, good luck on your chicks :)

  7. Science is crazy. Another crazy thing is how extremely jealous I am of your chicks - in the best way.

  8. I love that first photo! Your chicks are absolutely adorable. Good luck with the rest!