April 20, 2013

My photographer hey-day is being at my mammaw's house.  There are so many flowers in the spring- azaleas, in particular.  I've said for such a long time that one day I would have a flower or herb or vegetable garden.  Somehow, my plans never really come to a head- I mostly make excuses, blaming the fact that we move every other year and there's no point in setting a garden that I will just have to leave.  But ever since I can remember Mammaw has always had flowers around her house.  I don't remember who planted them or even when they were planted, but they've always been big and bushy on the side of their house.  This year, since we've moved closer to them, I was able to see the azaleas bloom between visits.  The pictures above were taken a couple weeks ago when they were buds.  Now the buds are completely bloomed and a gorgeous pink.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.
Love and all that jazz.


  1. GAAAAAH!!! your stills are absolutely ridiculously beautiful, m'dear. just like you, my sweet azalea bell.
    someday, whenever you get the opportunity, you really must plant a garden. it's really quite worth it.
    Love you to death,
    p.s. I know this is quite terrible of me...but I don't know if I can recall ever seeing an azaleas in full bloom. that's your life in cali, 'suppose. xx

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, dear! You always seem to capture things just so.


  3. Ohhh, you did such a good job Gabby!!! <3
    The first gives a bush-like feel (blurred flowers fore and aft) the second shows how those cool leaves cluster around the bud, the third,- actually, the leaves almost look like flowers themselves! =D How funny...
    And the last is Gorgoeous! So goregous I can't even spell it right... ;D The focus is perfect and there is SO much color in that last one!

    Long story short: I <3 it!

    xx ~Jenny

  4. these are GORGEOUS photos :) and i love azaleas. they're my favorite, right next to daffodils. they just scream summer to me.


    This is so, incredibly raw and tangible and beautiful. Your writing slipped off the page and found its way into my soul and your photographs are so brilliant my eyes seem to sparkle with delight.

    love you.