April sixth

April 6, 2013

I strongly suspect that Mother Goose neither lived in Louisiana or even remotely heard of it.  Otherwise, the rhyme would go "January, February, March, and April showers bring May flowers."  Or maybe I am still brainwashed from living in the Texas panhandle where there is no such thing as a seasonal shower in any month of the year.

The other day, I walked into the kitchen to do my chores (I was late on doing them, ehem) and found Ian (my eleven year old brother), sweeping up the kitchen.  I told him that I was supposed to do it and it wasn't his "turn" for sweeping.  He smiled when I hugged him and he said, "I know, but you suffer so much with school I wanted to do it."


And I am just thinking at the bottom of my soul- what did I do to deserve such a sweetheart of a brother?  Honestly, I can't wait until one day I can have little ones to call my own.


  1. Mmhmm. So beeeutiifull + true.

    also, did your photographs just get reallyreallyREALLY good, or is just me? Like, girly, they're incredible.


    1. Thanks, Acacia! And yeah, I've been really working on my photography/editing process. I can tell a little difference and I'm so happy someone noticed my behind the picture (no pun intended) efforts! You are sweet.


  2. This is amazing, girl. Your writing is so real, and vivid. And your brother seems like the sweetest kid ever. I can't wait either, until I have little ones of my own. :)

    And your pictures? Gorgeous.

    I love this.


  3. Awww. your bro sounds soo sweet. and these pix are beautiful.

  4. We're lucky to get rain - otherwise, it's snow. I'm wishing desperately for signs of spring, other than the sunlight that reaches into the evening hours, but here, spring seems to be skipped altogether.

  5. how darling!!! I need to meet Mr. Ian one day. one day very very soon. ;) these stills are incredible, gabby dear.

  6. Awwww... that is SO sweet!(I know someone already said that but it's still true!)
    Whata' brother. =*)
    WOW. The focus in the fist picture is SO exact,an' just perfect!
    And I like the feel of the second, it's as if I'm IN the tree. =D

    Good job. =)

    xx ~Jenny

  7. Thanks for your comment on my post! Although... and I realize now my wording wasn't real clear and I replied to your comment on my blog, but thought I'd tell you here too; only the last picture of that post was me! =O
    But you're right, my sister does have strawberry blonde hair and it's even more strawberry on cloudy days like that. =D
    There would have been more of me had I not had some romantic idea of being a snowy-haired photographer while taking her portrait, 'cause when it was my turn... my hair was- really wet, and not really photogenic at all. =D
    But thanks for your comment, it'll totally make her day. =)

    xx ~Jenny