Six will be an adventure

March 13, 2013

Relationships must be the in between moments that slide into hearts like dirt in the cracks of wood.  The moments that come and go at their own pace, never stopping for more than a second or two.  They are more than likely never noticed.  When caught, though, they are precious.  And the funny thing about those seconds filled with love and feelings (glorious stuff, that) is that is that they are recorded somewhere but can never be accounted for.  Not by us, anyways.  They just slip away and leave only a fingerprint on people's lives.

I was asked yesterday what it was like to have a little boy in the house.  I groped for words then and have been groping for words hours later.  It's like owning a miniature tornado, really.  It generates a lot of commotion in everyone's lives- with emotions, lecturing, and legos.  But it's more than just what happens or even what is expected to happen.  It's watching the little boy stuff a back pack full of adventure stuff- sheets, cheerios, messages in a bottle, dreams of traveling, and a baseball cap.  It's hearing ridiculous knock knock jokes for ten minutes straight.  It's feeling little fingers tickle your ribs because they know your weak spot.  It's seeing that button nose straighten out and form a decided bridge like the "big guys" have.  It's being proud when he's braver than you are about that rooster that rules the coop.  It's getting scared to death that something might happen to him and it won't even matter whose fault it is.  It's being scared like that when he jumps off trees and swings, asking questions you don't know the answer to, and being suddenly sweet without warning.  And that sort of thing, to quote a dear friend, can make you braver without even meaning to.

I promise, Aidan, six is going to be an adventure, just like you like it.


  1. This is so.sweet. Oh, my. You have really captured what it is to have a little brother.


  2. this is so sweet, Gabby. :) i've never had the blessing of a little brother (or sister--being the youngest of 9) but this perfectly describes it. "It's like owning a miniature tornado, really." it's so true; i've learned what it's like by being around my 4 crazy nephews. ;) but this is so lovely, friend. Aiden is so fortunate to have a big sister like you.

    Happy Birthday, Aiden! :)

    x, m

  3. This is beyond perfect. Your words slip into the crevices of my soul and make me weep with nostalgia and joy.

    Happy Birthday 6th, dear Aiden!