March 31, 2013

It seems fitting that Easter Sunday usually lands in spring- or at least thereabouts.  Right when everything is coming back from a much too long winter.  When the grass is up, and the heavy cold clouds are far away.  There are a bunch of old folklore versions of the true day of spring or Easter.  Some say when pine needles forms a perfect cross it's Easter.  Some say when the ground hog doesn't see his shadow winter is gone. My Nana told me spring comes when the first pecan tree gets its leaves.  That means no more frost.  They tell me that today is Easter: March thirty first.  Sometimes I wonder if it's just an act of tradition having Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon (or however the thing goes), but today just feels like Easter.  There's a bird whistling on a tree outside my window, it is a warm spring day so far, and I squinted up at a pecan tree and saw pecan buds.  As undeserving as I am of it, I am thankful for an Easter to spend worshiping the person who washes sin away.

Happy Easter.


  1. This is beautiful, Gabby. Today does seem fitting. :) Even in Arizona, hundreds of miles away, the sun is shining, the bees are collecting pollen from our apricot blossoms, and the wind isn't blowing. What a beautiful, beautiful day to celebrate Christ's rising from the dead! What a reason to celebrate! :)

    Happy Resurrection day, Gabby dear! Have a fabulously blessed day. :)

    Mikailah xxx

  2. SO lovely, m'dear. Wish I could send you a tea cup full of lilacs {like what are sitting right next beside me} right now to celebrate. ;)

    Love you my darling friend! Happy Easter!

  3. this is the definition of the word 'beautiful'.


  4. "As undeserving as I am of it, I am thankful for an Easter to spend worshiping the person who washes sin away."
    My thoughts too.
    Good post, and Happy Resurrection day to you! =D

    xx `Jenny

    P.s. Those are hard earned eggs from your own chickens, aren't they?! I sort of know what it's like, we get our "home grown" eggs from our Pastor and his wife. =)