Keep the stillness

March 27, 2013

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you." Deepak Chopra
I suppose there must be times when other people’s words are sufficient.  Life is chaotic momentarily with three pounds of pecans to crack and clean among too many other things.  It can be rather cruel.  My writing that used to cover every scrap of paper in sight has dwindled to only when I have to write.  And as far as photography goes… my camera hadn’t been used in so long it had actually gathered a few specks of dust.  I felt it was high time to use it so- it being dreadfully cold on our spring break- I climbed up to the sunniest place at home: which (in the morning time) is Aidan’s bunk bed.  He told stories and I took pictures and he ran around showing me things.  It made my day.  And I think it may have loosened my writing gears up.  It's amazing what little boys, a sunny day, and a happy place can do.


  1. Love these pics and this is so true. We need to step back sometimes.

  2. I really love these pictures. the depth of the black and white is stunning. my favorite picture is the second one.



  3. Ah, yes. Chaotic life. Lovely, isn't it? (That was sarcasm. *ahem*) ;) I totally agree, girl. Life can get so crazy--we get so caught up in running, and doing that we forget the flowers are blooming, the clouds are being pushed across the sky, and those little folks we love are growing up. Quickly.

    This is beautiful, Gabby. Your pictures... gah. The depth in them makes me really happy. Really. And your insight and beautiful words do too. :)

    Mikailah xxx

  4. Oh gosh...this is like a little story in itself...I don't have a little brother, but from the ones I've seen and been around, and how I think I would react in that moment...I can imagine it all.
    It just made my day too just now. <3

    Well done!

    xx ~Jenny