It doesn't like light.

March 16, 2013

My Nana gave me a plant last weekend.  We walked into her greenhouse and she showed me her spider plants, those poinsettias she had dug out of a church dumpster, ivy I had watered every day for her when I was a little girl, and a plant she did not know the name for.  It was just a sprig when she got it, she said, and had stuck it in some mud and let it take root.  A couple years later, it has grown in leaps and bounds and has had to be separated into four big pots.  One of which is now mine.  Pappaw gave it to her, she thought, or it could have been a plant she got from someone else.  Who knows, she laughed, maybe she dug it out of another dumpster.  How to take care of it?  Well, apparently it likes lots of water: you can’t drown it.  And if it ever grows too big, well, just trim it and start a new pot.  And oh, remember, it doesn’t like light.

And I wonder why some things just can’t stand the light.  And I wonder why it has to be true for parts of our souls as well. 

p.s. if anyone recognizes this plant, I’d love to know its name!


  1. this is so lovely, Gabby. i've always thought it strange how some plants absolutely love the light, and others shrivel up or turn strange colors when exposed to any kind of sunlight. it sounds like the perfect plant--except the part that it doesn't like the light... you can't drown it? that's good news to me. ;) and i've always loved the thought of starting new snips in a little pot of their own off the 'mama' plant. kind of like life, isn't it? :)

    this is so lovely, girl. <3 truly beautiful.
    (and i wish i did know the name--i would get me one. ;))


  2. aw, this is darling. absolutely darling.
    xoxo | goose

  3. You captured that converstion well Gabby. ♥ I admire you. =)
    The thought you added on... I know whatcha mean, it's like when Adam and Eve sinned, a little bit of darkness got into our heart and we can't get it out ourselves.
    'Course, if it wasn't there, we wouldn't need a Savior, would we?

    Hmmm... I haven't the slightest idea...except that it looks as if it is a succulent plant, like a cactus, that keeps lots of water in the leaves and stems.

    Good post.

    xx ~Jenny

    1. That's what I was thinking, Jenny, something rather like a succulent. You're right, it does hold lots of water. But it also grows like ivy??? Ah well, it is delightfully intriguing as the "unnamed plant."