Blue skies

March 2, 2013

I've forgotten how much I miss blue skies. I always miss the sun, but I forget to miss the opaque sky and wispy clouds. And now that I've remembered, I think I could write forever about the sky.  But don't worry, I won't :)  But it makes my heart ache to see it again after so many months of nothing but gray clouds.

A couple days ago, my English teacher (for those of you who don't know: I'm doing dual enrollment at a local community college) told the class not to plop down opinions and facts in our papers.  Back them up.  Say why they are what they are.  So what if you think it is beautiful?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty means something different to every individual.  Describe what you saw.  Think about it and pull out all the little details.  It makes it more interesting and less condescending.  Oh, people, I love my teacher's lessons.  And I've tried to use this philosophy lately and to my surprise, people appreciate the effort of a person trying to capture something in their words.  I even appreciate delving deeper into a subject than using the usual, "Oh, yeah, it was beautiful."

I don't know about y'all, but I am dreadfully glad the weekend is here.



  1. yes. love this.
    and i miss blue skies too! :(

  2. Yes!! I'm splendiferously happy that the weekend is here...curiously enough, almost for no good reason. Just glad. =)
    I can tell you appreciate delving deeper into a subject,and it's very refreshing when you do so. Though I know it's more work, nailing down all those thoughts, senses and emotions into black and white words. It distingushes you from all the other people who say "Oh, I LOVE blue sky". Which is true, but anyone can say that, and it's not as unique. =)
    Adter all, I know I appreciate it when people tell me Why they like my pictures, rather than that they're just 'beautiful'. ('cause I kinda already thought that!)
    I think I'd like your teacher.
    And this is SUCH a good post. =D
    'K, I'm done now.

    xx ~Jenny

  3. this is why you need to move to california. winter's are always bright here {and I mean blindingly bright} and grey skies are actually treats {and even if we have them for an extended length of time...they only stay for a few days at most}. *smile* lovely post, m'dear. for what reason? because you're an incredibly lovely writer {and I could go on from there}. have a loverly weekend, ya hear?
    xoxo | your goosey girl.

  4. and so basically this wins the 'favourite-post-of-the-week' award.

  5. gorgeous, Gabby. :) your words always set my mind soaring. i'm definitely a more down-to-earth person; very realistic, and i tend to pay the most attention to the immediate. right here, right now. :) but i'm trying to expand my mind--embrace other ideas, words + events that are happening besides "What i've been doing". you always inspire me to do that. :)

    love this, girly! so good. x