February 27, 2013

Pulling off breakfast is no easy feat when there is a baby tornado around your legs.  Cereal spills, milk sloshes, coffee pot steams, toast burns.  I remember when Aidan was only this high and I had to sit him up onto the counter so he could see what I was doing.  He swung his legs and kidded around and forgot to say thank you for his sandwich.  Now his little chin is an inch or so higher than the counter.  He makes his own breakfast sometimes.  Aidan even helps me out by giving advice on what I ought to eat for breakfast.  And if I look a little closer to that almost six year old face, I'll see that there isn't so much baby about it anymore.  In fact, his jawline is just starting to show and ladies, it is one heck of a jawline.

It hasn't been so sunny lately except for a couple special days- one of which, fell on my birthday (*smiles*).  From my perch, the sun has come up behind the forest and it's rays are on my walls... I even see a big blue sky with only a couple little clouds.  Other than the insane weather (I promise, my dears, one day I will not talk about the weather as if we are all old ladies), I managed to get my driver's permit and am looking forward to August 26th when I can be an official driver.  I need to crank out an essay by tomorrow and find the time to catch up on my very messy closet.  I am with this girl who would like to throw her geometry book out the window- except with me, it's algebra.  Is it too early to be dreaming of the weekend?

I'll be loving yooooou... alwaaaaays.

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  1. Ooh, I likes this post very much!
    Probably due in part to that last sentence of the first paragraph! =D Oh deary me, you are too funny! And that third picture too!
    I like the first tea kettle picture, the black and white gives it such a nice effect.
    I do so like your posts! I look forward to them all week. =) <3

    xx ~Jenny