Hullo, Wednesday

February 13, 2013

I suppose I had just better get used to the Louisiana weather motto: do not get used to it.  It has a complete mind of its own.  It was warm the other day and now we've plunged into a big, old thunderstorm that casts such a gloomy grayness on everything.  In fact, at this moment, there is a huge clap of thunder overhead.  Its rumbles sprays growls and there is a burst of water on the roof.  I like gray days- like this one- where inside its warm and glowing with light and quiet and outside there is a blanket of water pouring around the house.  I don't like the gray days where there is nothing- you can't go outside because it is too cold and you don't want to stay inside because it is too cramped for an achy heart.

It's been like that for the last while.  But I made myself work on some projects- making a duvet cover for my three dollar comforter (score!) that I bought while thrifting last year; shelling and cleaning pecans from our twenty something pecan trees in our front yard; going over driver's ed tests (getting a permit soon I hope!); hanging a stick on my wall because it's cute.  I forget how much I love crafting or just working with my hands or brain and having fun with it.

All this thunder clapping (or stomping) is getting to me.  And there is a huge day ahead full of thunder and gray skies and school.  Hullo, Wednesday.

p.s. it's a week to being sixteen!  [February 20th]


  1. I really truly love the way you write. Ah, the stormy weather sounds quite cozy. :) and crafting sounds perfect for a grey, rainy day.



  2. this. this. it makes my heart ache, Gabby, dear. i know just what you are talking about, darling, and your put it so beautifully... wow. :) i'm always in awe of your amazing writing whenever i read your blog posts. :) you are truly talented.

    it sounds like you've been keeping busy! it is nice to work with one's hands, isn't it? :) oh, and drivers permit... *shiver* haha. :) i'm working on getting my license right now, and it is a fun (although a wee bit terrifying experience.) *ahem*

    and sixteen?!?! la, me. how we are all growing up. i turned 16 in September, but i still can't quite grasp the thought. :) Happy early Birthday, dear! <3


    (p.s. also, hullo? i don't know anyone else (besides me) who says that. :) ain't it a great word? ;))

  3. I love the mood created in your posts; homey, tinged with nostalgia, brushed with elegance, adorned in beauty and smothered with emotion.

    thank you for being YOU!

    acacia xo

  4. Mmm, that looks good, and the second picture is loverly. <3
    I know whathca mean; the gray days with nothing, now that's when you need one of your best friends to come over and you go outside and goof off and MAKE something. Hasn't happened to me yet, but hopefully some day.
    You have pecan trees?!!! Can I come visit you? DO have any extra pecans? My grandparents have two in their backyard and they usually give us a jar a Christmas... but twenty! Wow! 8D
    Working with your hands is great...sometimes, boy! I just get tired of using my head! Except for art and piano, most of my school is "read this, think about it and write part of it down, or solve this". Which is fine and very nescessary, but without a balance of, say, farm chores or something to go with it...blah. I mean, I do have chores, but dusting is hardly, how shall I say, muscle building. =P
    But enough about me, and please allow me to concur on acacia's thoughts. ;)

    xx ~Jenny

  5. Happy Birthday, Gabby dear! :) I saw Grace's loverly-oh-so-sweet post on her blog, and I had to wish you a very Happy day. :) You are such a tremendous blessing to me--and I'm so blessed to know you (although it is via Blogger/Email.) I hope you had/have (not quite sure when your birthday is) a wonderful day, darling!

    xx | Mikailah

  6. oh, and also, your new design is simply smashing. love it. ;)

  7. Happy Birthday, dear! I hope your day was as wonderful as you are!