Untitled in the fullest sense of the word

January 10, 2013

I will try to be philosophical tomorrow.  I can't right now because I haven't got enough time or space in my aching head to manage something, anything good.  I am stealing a moment away from all that calls right now.  Stealing a moment away from what must be done, and deciding to give it to what needs to be done.  I've had this ongoing headache for the last two days and I cannot get enough sleep.  I have a huge amount of pictures that I love but can't get the time to pay any attention to them.  There are a million and one things I need to do and can't quite get at it.  There are too many things that need to be written- or rather, there are so many things that should be written and I am too human to strangle time from the day's twenty four hours to do it.  I am rambling now for no good reason and worrying for every good reason and hoping that this has some reason in it.  It probably doesn't.  I plan on doing my painfully long and confusing algebra lesson even if it takes all night, reading aloud like I've been promising to Morgan before her eyelashes kiss her cheeks, read my own books, and somehow get some sleep myself.  That is, at least, the plan.  But anyways.  I will try to be philosophical tomorrow.


  1. poor thing. don't get too depressed, kay? else I'll have to hop on the next flight to LA and shake life up a bit {oh, dear that sounded more of a motivation than a threat *sigh*}.

    love the photographs, by the way. curly wisps are a favorite in my book. ;)


  2. 1. oh my dear lord, these photos are magical.
    2. i love your writing.
    3. i know how you feel -- there are days like that for everyone. when i feel like that, i just let it go, "be philosophical tomorrow", do things that i genuinely want to do because i know i won't get anything done really while i'm overwhelmed. good luck, and i hope you find a remedy soon! :)

  3. Oh, I know how you feel too; the week after we got back from New Mexico on Christmas break, I felt like I was doing something everyday, all day, but only just getting the days work done with no time left to work on tomorrows work!
    And so many lovley pictures that also woudln't be posted to my blog for a couple weeks...sigh...but after the weekend (and a little help from doing quiet time in the morning consitently) things perked up considerably.
    So keep on working, I bet you'll get through it soon. =)


  4. this is beautiful, dear. (i've always loved wisps of steam rising above cups... *delightful shiver*) and everyone needs time to forget they have anything in the world to do, and just enjoy and relax. :) hope you're getting some "you" time. :)

    simply lovely, Gabby. so, so lovely.