Saturday things & musings

January 14, 2013

It is well.  Nothing more than a comfy place to sleep, a good breakfast with coffee, and a clouds wispy in the sky.  It is funny how well one can live, so contentedly, if one makes up their mind to do so.  And these days have passed quietly and happily after all is said and done.

Morgan and I stayed up late watching a chick flick, sewed and knitted (we got all "domesticated" as we like to call it), and tried to decide who we liked worst: Willoughby or Mr. Collins.  It rained all night but we kept a crack in the windows because it was a warm breeze that pushed itself through.  The morning came shushed and pink, blue and gray... and you know how it is when you wake up late on a Saturday morning and it's the first warm day since too long and the sun is up ahead of you soaking up a sweet rain?  Yes, it is well.
(some writings from Saturday)

It is cold now and icicles have formed on the trees and the sky has been ripped of its blanket of blue and been replaced with a sheet of white.  I busy myself with tea and throat aches, letters and gripping my pencil hoping something inspiring might come out of it.  I also paint bright nail polish on my fingers and pretend it is summer.  Over all of this, I am just praying that my English class at college goes well tomorrow.  My first day at college... my first class.  It is the only class I am taking (dual enrollment, you see) but still, things are changing and breaking and growing.

But it is well with my soul, it is well...


  1. you know...'tis funny that I woke up with a throat ache as well. sympathy pains, perhaps? ;)

    loverly post as usually, darling. and yes, this weekend was a good one especially because I had the opportunity to chat with you. ;)

    all my prayers and thoughts are with you for the morrow, darling!
    love you {to the moon and back again and then some},

  2. I'm sorry that you have a throat ache! I hope you feel better. I will be praying for you tomorrow, dear!


  3. Beautiful pictures, Gabby... Sunsets, coffee, dearest little sisters-- 'Tis a lovely thing called Life! Love ya so much, Gal!! :)


  4. Ahh...I caught something too, just Wednesday. ... =/ and I hope I'm well by tomorrow morning, because missing church would be a Great dissapointment.
    These pictures illustrate your "picture" of that Saturday morning so well! Love the pink and blue sky... <3
    Yup, my last semester of highschool started this week too!
    But I'm touched by how you ended this, "But it is well with my soul, it is well..." I think I needed that...