Outdoors breakfast for supper

January 26, 2013

Pancakes and sausage, syrup and golden hour, sticky memories and sunny moments, family and pictures on a weekend evening.  Last Sunday, we made breakfast for supper over a smoldering fire outdoors.  It was lots of fun and we had several mishaps, cough, the first pancake was interesting to behold, and we figured out that you shouldn't use leaves for fuel because the ashes land in the pancake and sausage.  (Unless, of course, you would like extra potassium in your life, and in which case, you may use leaves.)  Flipping each pancake was as a tense affair, "Oh my word, don't flip it off the griddle!  Hey, look, it looks like a gigantic heart."  You know...

The pancakes were made slowly, very slowly, on one cast iron skillet so everyone had to wait their turn to eat.  That was interesting too since only one out of seven people could actually eat at a time, meaning the other six stared longingly at him or her with the food.  But we all had a turn eating a delicious pancake smothered in syrup.  With sausage, of course, mustn't forget the sausage.

After supper that was breakfast, we piled lots of leaves on the fire and made it into a roaring bonfire.  We sat on lawn chairs and tires and cuddled with the little kids or the dog or the cat.  It was cold and we tried to keep the fire big.  Finally, after the fire burned down into hot coals, and the leaves were nothing more than piles of ash, we went inside and picked up our sticky mess.  Trying to scrub off smoke in hot water and soap is like trying to scrub out memories from a heart.  The smokey smell is not on our clothes anymore, the ash on my fingertips is long gone, but I still have a smoky memory to reminisce over years to come that shan't be scrubbed away.



  1. okay, that's it. I'm flying out to LA in the summertime, and we can have a big bonfire and sleep under the stars? capisce {ca-peesh}?!

    lovely post, m'dearest. your photography of family moments is just precious along with your heart-warming words.

    love you {to the moon and back a hundred times over and then some},

  2. hotdidggidydogggg gurl, your photos are GOOD. and so is your writing and your family and your food. speaking of food, you totally made my mouth water with these photos. (betcha didn't know that pancakes are my favourite!)

    xx's from england,


  3. Fantastic pictures, Gabby! Love it. :)

  4. Ok, this is another favorite post!
    Any post that has: Outdoors, Pancakes, ones brothers and sister(s), Fire (It looks amazingly orange at that too!!) and golden hour...you know it's going to be good. Terrific.
    One to remember.
    Takes me back to similar camping experiences with breakfast...pancakes cerrrrrtainly are "unique" cooked in such style, to say the least. =)
    But fun. Memorable and good.

    xx ~Jenny

  5. oh, this is so lovely, Gabby! i always loved eating pancakes for dinner. ;) such a joyful-happy-smiling time, me thinks, from your pictures. this is gorgeous, darling, as usual. :)


  6. Breakfast suppers, as we call them, really are the best. I *love* your comparison of smoke and memories, just so you know.


  7. i love your posts, all of them, but this can be considered one of my favorites ever. and i laughed out loud at the "extra potassium". :P