Life is sweet anyways.

January 7, 2013

(I know, this last picture of Aidan does not look like a little boy sick :)  At least he's cheerful...)

The little boys caught a bug or something during Christmas break.  They laid up on the couch and watched old movies and drank tea (start em' young on that, 'kay?).  It was quiet for a couple days, and paired with the gray and sunless outside weather, all was rather dreary.  Somehow, it was nice to sit on the end of the couch and take pictures of these brothers of mine, talk to them and hear their giggles as they talk through scratchy throats.  I go into the kitchen, and hear the hum of their voices steady and fast.  Then their hands that are ever stretching for legos, make buildings out of the Christmas houses set we put out every year; balancing trains on buildings and cars on trains until it is too funny to watch them double over in laughter.  I really could care less on these days when all the imperfections are enveloped in perfection, and they are happy and I am too.  Even on days that are supposed to be bad, life is sweet anyways.  Let it be.


  1. Aw, that's too bad! Being sick is no fun, but it seems like they did pretty well (tea really does help everything, doesn't it?).


  2. "Start 'em young" *chuckles* that's pretty awesome! =D
    I think your second-to-last-sentence is the gem of this post; "Even on days that are supposed to be bad, life is sweet anyways." -So true.


  3. I hope that dear Aiden gets better soon. ;) and yes, start that young on tea pronto. after all, there must be at least one gentleman present at a tea party. ;)

    love you, darling!