January Eighteenth

January 18, 2013

I twist my hands and I twist my brain to make things better.  I worry over things that I have no right to worry over.  Stupid, laughable, silly things.  Things like I haven't got any money to buy Lightroom 4 (something I've been eyeing up for quite awhile), wishing I had a way to work more with my [small] photography skills and make something of it.  It didn't help much that after getting my courage worked up to take my first class at college that the whole school had a vacation due to an ice storm.  An ice storm in Louisiana.  Dear oh dear, what is this world coming to?  And like God always does, he opens another door and something better comes.  My class began Thursday instead of Tuesday... and I was able to be apart of two classes instead of one.  Apparently we have a editing program that I never knew about- I am so excited to have something (besides Picasa *grins*) to edit my pictures with.

Lately, I've been sorting out files of old pictures from last year.  There are so many that I meant to blog about but didn't because I guess I got into some sort of picture rut where I didn't want to show any less than perfect pictures.  I've always been a perfectionist and I hate having any faults.  But I mean to start showing more pictures and hoping for some good, healthy criticism.  Even my writing- I would write so carefully, afraid that it would sound terrible that I missed getting anything real over.  But I want to write well and right, now perfectly.

Sorry for being so very random but today feels so good I care less.  Life is a dreadfully nice thing to be in, isn't it?  A bunch of stuff has been going on lately and it feels so nice to be off the computer bunches.  Though I can't wait to get back into some sort of orderly schedule.
In a tearing hurry,


  1. Loving that picture, dear. That is pretty much the epitome of me. ;) Lovely.

    AND I KNOW... I've been wishing for Light-room as well, but I will just have to make do with editing my pictures on Ipiccy for now. ;) {And darling, your photography skills are amazing. The word [small] doesn't belong before {your} photography skills. ;)}

    I've done the same thing as well; looking through past pictures, and wishing I had posted them. *sigh* I'm such a perfectionist. :)

    Lovely post, my dear. Life is dreadfully nice to be in. ("Dreadfully" is the right word too... *ahem*)

    Anyyyyyway. I've written a short novel in this comment, and all I meant to say was "I love this, I can relate, and you should write a book."

    Yup. ;)


  2. your writing is so raw and real and beautiful. and that picture is just excellent, exquisite. love the colors!
    love this post.

  3. This is so true, dear. I worry far too much, and I am glad that I am not the only one. *smile* I am soo glad that your classes worked out! I prayed for you on Tuesday, even though that isn't when your class ended up being.


  4. Oh, I feel the same way, Gabby. Sometimes I don't even want to blog or write about something because I feel like it won't be good enough for anyone to read.
    Your writing is ALWAYS amazing and I enjoy reading it.
    I concur! Being off of the computer for awhile is a great feeling. And I think I receive more inspiration that way :)

    ---->> Kate

  5. Darling, know that you possess talents beyond anything I could ever imagine grasping - through your photography and writings and crafts and - oh, darling you are just SO talented!!! Love your blog, love your writings, love YOU so much {and your new sidebar picture is just the most darling thing in the world, ya hear?!} xoxo | goose.

    postscript :: let's have a knitting day/tea date like soon, 'kay? gets terribly lonely without hearing your sweet voice for too long. *wink*

  6. Oh gosh! That was me too!
    I look at my old posts and remember how I wanted to post only "Picture perfect" pictures... which, of COURSE everyone drools over and says "Beautiful!!!!! but what about the others? The ones I just wanted to take? Are they as pretty? That's what we really want to know.
    I do like this picture btw; the light green grass contrasting with the tall golden colored grasses, the group of horses off to one side instead of smack in the middle, and the bit of fence that gives us a feeling of where you are.
    It's good. Don't be shy.
    I've been trying to post more freely too; thanks to you and Mikailah. =)

    xx ~Jenny