Another day

January 23, 2013

It almost felt like spring.  They way the sky was clear blue and the clouds were white and feathery, the way the sun came up almost too warm for a morning in winter, and the way the fog crept all over the windows.  I got up wanting to clean because it felt like spring and I had the itch.  I vacuumed and cleaned and organized.  Everything was in perfect order (except maybe my closet *cough cough*) and somehow, even the letters that lay scattered all over my desk seemed clean.  And you know how you come to a blank sheet of paper with the window open, a breeze coming in cool on your neck, and your hand is still because your heart is full and silent?  It's the picture of a good, sweet spring morning with everything clean and new.

The afternoon was similar with self pictures in the mirror and homemade macaroni for lunch... letters to reply to and school and stuff.  It was one of those days you need after too many gray clouded days.  Perfect with a bunch of silly moments and jokes, thoughtful people, notes, and stripes (because why not?).  It's only another day, but I like knowing it has been recorded with all its little perfections.

So how have y'all been doing?  What's been shaking?
And all that jazz,


  1. Hey Gabby! Love the photo of your siblings drawing pictures on the window. (Only in the winter time!) Great Pics! Have a wonderful day!


  2. Up here in snowy Maine, we haven't had a spring day for a while. Today it was 0 degrees at one point and felt even chillier. I am glad that you had a nice spring-ish day, though. *smile*


    p.s. I love how you always manage to capture little moments with your photos.

  3. It's still exceedingly cold here in Oregon. Every morning is chilly and foggy and I feel as if I haven't seen the sun in forever.
    I have been excessively baking these last few days, which makes me happy :)

    Lovely post, Gabby!

    ---->> Kate

  4. this is perfect. I love it so much. and I think I am suddenly craving homemade mac&cheese! it looks so good!!

    1. Yeah, I know! It looks delicious. Now I want some!

  5. Ohhhh. This whole post looks of spring!
    The window picture is awesome!! I remember doing that myself...great things to remember.
    We make homemade macaroni too!
    It's been alternately cold (20's) and then a sunny 40 day will pop out of nowhere. But, sadly, I didn't get to enjoy the 40's day 'cause I was sick. I'm on the mend now though. =)


  6. I didn't comment on this post?! shame on me. this is darling {and of course you are too}. we've been experiencing an early spring here, as well with 70 degree weather and then spring showers closely following. but then again, I'm not complaining since rain is the best lullaby. ;)

    stripes, by the way look amazing on you, dearheart. *wink* xoxo | goose