You'll be here

December 31, 2012

I am a little surprised at the bittersweet taste on my tongue when I say 2013.  It means a whole new chapter- my sixteenth chapter for life.  Maybe this chapter will be small and insignificant, but it is all mine.  It makes me so excited and enthusiastic, but hardly explains this sad feeling.  I know where this melancholy comes from, though.  This year has been a year of roots.  Yes, roots!  Roots to my childhood as I grow up, roots to my home as I leave it more and more, roots to my family as I my love spreads to other things.  This year... I will never know exactly what happened except that somewhere along the way, during summer, a window opened in front of my eyes and I saw the beauty of life.  Which is rather ironic considering at the same time, I spent a couple months living out of a suitcase with our grandparents.  Life got rather cramped and one couldn't help but feel like a misused sock without match or place.  Somehow, though, some time was found to write every single day and I evaluated everything I felt.  I didn't just come to love my life between the moments of scratching it out and living it, I found something inside it that I had never really felt before.  Peace.  Peace with God, peace with my family, peace with life.  Since then, nothing has fallen apart as it so apt to do when something miraculous occurs; instead, it has only gotten better and better.  Now, the best year of my life is closing today with a sentimental “the end,” at the bottom of the page and I am wondering how in the world to start it over again, and what I'll do differently.

But this will always be a memory.  Something to smile about as it is pulled out of the box of happy things.  So with a catch in my throat and a fast beating in my heart, I meet and shake hands with 2013.  But, dear 2012, you will always be remembered in my heart.  You’ll be here.
Happy New Year's Eve, y'all.


  1. Beautiful, Gabby!
    Happy New Year's Eve!

    ---->> Kate

  2. this is so beautiful, Gabby. i can scarcely believe that 2012 is almost over, and 2013 is here. it does leave a bitter-sweet taste on ones tongue. this year has been filled with many beautiful + difficult things, and even though we will miss it; experiences, and special things that happened--our hearts will always remember it, and like you said, it'll will be here. with us. :)

    Happy New Years (Eve), Gabby dear!

    xo | mikailah

  3. oh, my gosh, gabby!!! words don't - can't describe how wonderful this is!!! you are ridiculously talented with the "pen," darling. ;)

    praying your new year is richly blessed, m'darling friend.
    love you {so very very much},
    your goosey girl.