December 7, 2012

It is sometimes hard to sit and find something to say.  Not because there isn't anything to say, it's just that sometimes I can't say what I want.  There are a million things I want to say right now, but for some reason, I want to just forget all my words.  Because truly, life is so beautiful it's hard to pen down in words.   It's like trying to harness something invisible, with something completely human, and expecting everyone to understand.  And I worry if anyone will really even care if I did harness my feelings and my life properly because sometimes the whole world looks like a chicken with it's head cut off.  So it's almost as if there's no point to writing- unless you have an audience who really appreciates your work.  Which I am so incredibly thankful for such wonderful girls leaving such sweet comments, encouraging me beyond their knowing.  But now I am rambling.  Yet, I think it's okay to do so every once in a while.

I really, truly wish that at these moments a flood of words could come forth like sun through fog, but they aren't doing so, so I'll quit hoping.  And I nearly wish I didn't have to write.  But here it is and this is all I can come up with.  Some days, I really think are crazy.


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This is just so beautiful, m'dear!!! You are so talented with words and photography. :) Love the sunburst you captured in your room. ;)

    love you lots,
    p.s. you'll be hearing from me soon. *wink*

  2. I love reading all of your writing, Gabby. It is simply lovely. I know that word is over-used, but alas, I cannot think of a better one right now. I think maybe splendid or beautiful would work as well. *smile*


  3. Aww, what a sweet little wreath!
    I reaaally want your cat...if only to take pictures of her!(him)
    I agree with Grace, love the rainbows on the wall, and the sunflare really adds to the scene.
    That pinecone reminds me of a flower unfolding...I love pinecones, they are Really cool. (Just a random thing about me..!)
    The subtle change of colors in the last picture is... well, I don't know, but it invited me in for a closer look. =)


  4. All of your writing is beautiful, Gabby. I always love your posts.
    And I feel like this very frequently. Sometimes I have so much to say, that I can't manage to say what I mean or want to say....You know what I mean?
    I'm glad that an excellent writer such as you has the same problem :)

    I am majorly in love with that pinecone photograph. 'Tis lovely!

    ---->> Kate