Look and look again

December 18, 2012

“Here the eyes become dependent on the feet.  To see the woods from the inside, one must look and move and look again.  It is inexhaustible in its standpoints.” -Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace

Currently, I have been reading Wendell Berry’s The Art of the Commonplace.  Um.  Can you just spell love?  The whole book is just… wow.  It’s comforting, really, in its unexplainable wonderfulness.  Wrap it slowly around you like a warm blanket, gradually feel its existence, and press it tight to your heart.  I adore words that can do that.  Every night after working at some dry school reading, I try to fit a few minutes (or hours…) to get my fingers around its pages.  I read slowly, deliberately, letting each word really speak.  It is almost like letting every word free to soar.  It rocks in its own pace, slow and easy.  I feel like I’ve read dozens of chapters instead of just the little I have… but for once, I can’t go on!  Every time I open to where I left off I have to read again because it change and speaks in a new way.  I have to look and then look again.  And then copy my favorite parts (which is generally everything) into my notebook.  I haven’t done a book review before but, hey, this book is so deserving of a gawk.

Christmas break starts today.  And I think of all that I need to do and the things I want to do… well, I feel exhausted just remembering it all.  It is so simple to forget.  Not just the hundreds of things on the to-do list, but life itself; what is important, what is beautiful.  Spending fifteen minutes outside to look at the sky so high and blue, to hear chickens chuckling in their coop, to see the bare limbs on the trees, and to feel- especially to feel- the ecstasy in the air.  Ecstasy not excited, ecstasy in its simple, throbbing living itself.  Between going to drivers education, being Daddy’s secretary for a couple days, and shopping in a city thirty minutes away, time seems so fleeting.  I guess it is just because I belong to the country- I hate stepping in the city and hustle bustling like everyone else.  Being away from home, from the open sky and big pecan trees is like ripping away all that is warm and important.  I forget how to cling to the warmth.  I forget even what it looks like.  I forget to write about it.  So I make time to look and then look again at life.  I step this way and that, to breathe and to think deliberately.

And this is what I see.  Ain't it lovely?


  1. so beautiful, girly. oh, so beautiful. think i just might have to get a plane ticket and fly over to your little corner of the world - just to see the sunrise/sunset with you, darling.

    love you {like a lot.},
    your goosey girl.

  2. this is beautiful and wonderful and whimsical and tangible and stunning and stunning and gorgeous... in every way.

    christmas wishes from england! :)

    xx acacia

    1. I said stunning twice, (by accident). OH, ME; I'm just... well. I meant it though, this post is 'double' stunning! :))

  3. Oh no! How did I miss this post? Must have gotten buried in my blog list of the "christmas rush", but what a nice suprise to find it now!
    I couldn't agree more the the above comments.
    But...I'll add my own two cents too; All these pictures are just glowing! I'm gonna check the library for that book, and I noticed that in the 4th and 5th pictures you captured (intentionally or otherwise) all the colors of the rainbow.
    In the first it starts at the side with yellowflare , turing orange, broading to red and when it hits the trees I'm SURE there's purple, the far-right-top corner is blue and the grass is a lovely shade of green. I would seriously buy that picture.
    In the other picture the colors are more obvious, but none the less beautiful.
    I also want to thank you, for helping me (by your example) get past the "oh, it's just a tree in my backyard with all the rooftops in the way to boot; Noone wants to see THAT?!"
    To something like "Ha! This is my little corner of the earth where God put me to share beauty wherever he creates it."

    xx ~Jenny