Thursdays musings

November 15, 2012

The days have been cold, scrubbed over with a chill that calls for hot coffee and writing, curtains thrown back from windows, and cozily rumpled beds.  It's been like a fight to stay warm.  I rub my feet against one another, drink hot liquid all the time, wear sweaters and long sleeves nonstop, and live for the moment the heater rumbles on.  It's nice to feel that immediate warmth, but I've been finding that writing letters with numb hands, grasping a mug that has long since lost its heat, and taking deep breaths of air that is new and cold is the most heartwarming thing of all.  Feeling all happy for no earthly reason, walking down to the mailbox in the freezing air, getting a long letter from a sweet girl is worth all the chill.  I wish I could always remember what everything means to me when living gets ornery.  But alas, things like to hide in hearts.  And these days, thoughts swirl transparent against the deep muddle of feelings.

I love being at my Nana's down in the bottom of Louisiana, but I like coming home just as much.  It's nice to see things that you know are yours, things that say home.  It's more of a psychology thing, I think.  I know that nothing on earth ever lasts forever.. but when I see things that have been in my life since who knows when, I smile because they are as constant as family.  Like that old afghan Daddy bought for me when we were freezing at a Celtic festival.  Like the boot bin outside full of too many mismatching boots.  Like how the cat is all excited to see me and runs up to my legs, purring and rubbing.  Like the handmade bookshelves Daddy built twenty or some years ago that now sag in the middle from hard use.  Like books I know I could open up and see markings, highlights, and dog ears from the hundreds of times I've read it.  It's these few things that make home, home.

And there is nothing like home.

p.s. do excuse my strange posts I've been cranking out.  Honestly, I am looking forward to writing up a few sane posts that won't give you headaches.


  1. lovelovelove LOVE this, dear. :) so beautiful. your pictures are completely gorgeous--so homey and cozy feeling--and your words should be in a published book. yes. :)


  2. absolutely beautiful, darling.

    love you {to the moon and back again},
    your goose.
    p.s. thank you so much for the LONG letter. ;)

    1. Haha... yes, it was long wasn't it? *ahem*

    2. oh, but I like long letters. I just fear, I don't make enough time to write them myself. :P but then again, there are a few EXTRA lucky ones aren't there? I hope to send you a thank-you note real soon, but it might have to go in your Christmas package. *hits head*

  3. Not a strange post ... a lovely post :) Your photos are beautiful.

  4. The photos with the focus on the mug then the letter are wonderful!
    Gabby, dear, you could never give me a headache. Your posts show your heart, your true thoughts, and I love that.


  5. Lovely post, Gabby! Your words and photos always bring a smile to my face. Thank-you. :)

  6. Your handwriting is sweet, I like loopy letters. <3
    "I wish I could always remember what everything means to me when living gets ornery." - I can relate to that; I love playing the piano, but somedays it feels more like a chore and I don't really hear the music, I just go from measure to measure, focusing more on hitting the right keys than playing music and enjoying it.
    Oh, I wish I had a cat. =D
    And books...yep!


    P.s. Oh, Glad my comments make you smile, and my leaf pictures! =D

  7. Gabby,
    Your posts are anything but strange. They are lovely and thoughtful. I never tire of reading your little writings.
    Your photos are amazing. I love the way they make the ordinary things seem beautiful. Love it! <3

    ---->> Kate