Thanksgiving break stuff

November 19, 2012

Yesterday I had a bad cough and stayed home from church with my Mama.  It was nice to have some time alone to sort of watch life go on while I laid up on the couch.  Tea was quite mandatory and so was funny movies.  At one point, I actually ventured outside for some fresh air to take pictures.  It was a nice, slow day.  Really, it was like a kickoff for Thanksgiving break and I am so happy to have it.  By evening, I was feeling better and Daddy asked me if I wanted to go do some test driving.  (um. yes?)  I slid into the seat and felt the steering wheel under my hands.  The stars were out and the night was a deep black.  I went around the curves making sure I did a couple miles under the speed limit (for Mama's sake) and went into our little town fifteen miles away.  I did a bit of everything and for celebration of me not hitting anyone or running red lights or stop signs, we got a snickers bar and I learned how to eat candy between waiting at the red light and long stretches of road.

As of now, Morgan and I are working on Christmas cards for specials someones, and my todo list tells me that I need to go make pie crusts for a buttermilk pie, and a loaf of bread.  If I have time, I'll probably go finish a letter to a friend and take some pictures.  Oh, and my dear little kitty has just caught a mouse.  Whether I ought to laugh or scream I am still deciding.  I just know that Jason Aldean's voice is on the radio and it's nice, Thanksgiving is coming, and today is a good day.



  1. Yes, yes, yes. :) Love this. And test driving?! YES! Do you have your permit? I have my permit, and my Daddy and i just went driving the other day. ;) I didn't run any stop signs, or stop lights either. High fives to us. ;) This is so beautiful, Gabby. Again. Relaxing, tea, funny movies... kind of makes up for not feeling to well, eh? Glad you're feeling better now, though. :)

    1. Indeed! High fives to us! And em, I may or may not have my permit. Ahem. Thank you for your sweet comment, love!

  2. Sounds wonderful! My Thanksgiving break won't start until Wednesday, but I am so looking forward to it!

  3. I'm in love with this post. It's simple. It's gorgeous. It's raw. It's WONDERFUL.

    xxxx from England,

    acacia // capture life

  4. What a lovely post, Gabby. Truly inspiring and raw. :)

  5. Yep, favorite post here!
    1,3,4,5 and 6th are my favorites, especially 6, it's a beautiful, simple picture. =)
    Driving is fun, I agree, and I've only ever run one stop sign, =P and that because my dad was talking! =D So it wasn't my fault right?
    I think you should laugh, though screaming might amuse your cat...? ;)
    This post is very contagious! Love it...


  6. Gabby,
    I love this!!
    It's like looking through a window into your life. It's absolutely lovely.
    Looks like yummy cereal :)

    ---->> Kate

  7. Sounds like a lovely start to Thanksgiving break!